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  1. Watford vs Manchester United

    Just end this shit. Please end it. Pochettino is a must.
  2. Ole Gunnar Solskjær | 2019/20 Discussion

    One of the most ridiculous things is "we choose this rebuilding, domestic, young players phase" defence of Solskjaer, most prominent by Gary Neville. It implies that nobody else can do this and it is baffling. 99% of managers are doing this every year. If you are not manager of Barcelona, Real...
  3. Post Match vs Aston Villa

    I disagree, he did get a tune with the squad, he fell out with moron Woodward and gave up.
  4. Post Match vs Aston Villa

    He was fecking 2nd with them.
  5. Dani Olmo

    He is brilliant. Best player ever in Croatian league, including Modrić.
  6. Southampton vs Manchester United

    Rashford and Pogba are atrocious. James is a gem!
  7. Post match vs Wolverhampton Wanderers

    What's the point of Lingard?
  8. Pogba Future

    Take the money and bring in Eriksen.
  9. Dani Olmo

    For me, he is better than Joao Felix. Olmo was brilliant this season. Best 11 in every competition he played, Croatian league, Europa League, EURO U21. I would take him in a heartbeat.
  10. Dani Olmo

    Source is dogshit. Sportske Novosti are worse than Scum and similar tabloids. Sadly, this isn't happening.
  11. Dani Olmo

    Number 10 primarily, although he did play almost all positions in midfield for Dinamo and Spain U21.
  12. Dani Olmo

    At this moment he is better than Joao Felix and I'm prepared to die defending that! :D
  13. Your Al Bundy moment

    Made a debut for local team as the youngest goalkeeper ever for a senior team. It was the first week of the league campaign. We won 4-1, made a few pretty great saves, probably would be first choice after that. Next day got accepted into university, had to move, gave up football. Impeccable...
  14. New Kits 2019-20

    I personally love this Chelsea kit. I suppose I'm in minority on this :D