Frenkie de Jong - Part 2 - Chase Harder.

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Stone and Luckhurst both saying it this eve? Best buckle in lads and ladies...
@nimic do your thing, with some artistic creativity?

Crackers: "Come on Frenkie, you have to join Manchester United! They need a player like you in their midfield."

Frenkie de Jong: "I appreciate the offer, Crackers, but I am happy at Barcelona. I have no desire to leave."

Crackers: "But think about it, Frenkie. Manchester United is a huge club with a rich history. They will pay you more money and give you more opportunities to win trophies."

Frenkie de Jong: "I understand, but my heart is with Barcelona. They have given me a chance to play at the highest level and I am grateful for that. I do not want to leave them."

Crackers: "You are making a mistake, Frenkie. Manchester United is the better choice. You need to listen to me and join them."

Frenkie de Jong: "Crackers, please calm down. I appreciate your enthusiasm, but I have made my decision. I am staying with Barcelona."

Crackers: "You will regret this, Frenkie. If you do not join Manchester United, you will regret it for the rest of your career."

Frenkie de Jong: "I am sorry, Crackers, but I cannot change my mind. Please respect my decision."

Crackers: "Fine, Frenkie. But remember, if you ever change your mind, Manchester United will always be there for you."

Frenkie de Jong: "Thank you, Crackers. But I do not think that will happen. Goodbye."

As Frenkie de Jong logs off the forum, he can't help but feel uneasy about Crackers' persistence. He starts to fear for his safety, wondering if Crackers will take further action to try and convince him to join Manchester United. Frenkie decides to tell his agent about the conversation, just in case.
Here we go again..

Bit weird that two pretty reputable sources run this story tonight. Wonder why.
Despite of the circus that happened last summer, signing FDJ this summer is actually more realistic than signing Bellingham and Enzo due to transfer fees.
Last time we didn't sign FDJ, two experienced midfielders came for a right price.

Let the muppetry ensue.
It's been some day to follow up Erik's recent loads a money piece. Started with Dave's deal not getting extended then Gakpo more or less coming in January and now we end with Frenkie back on the agenda as well as a great package being prepared for Bellingham. Of course we're also going to need a Dave replacement now and we've got that big money striker to come as well. Either the Saudis have bought us or the journos have so little genuine info to work with they've had to upload and raid the deleted folders to get clicks. Look out tomorrow for us monitoring Alvarez and Diaz before a summer move.
Casemiro, De Jong, Fernandes would be a godly midfield.
Despite of the circus that happened last summer, signing FDJ this summer is actually more realistic than signing Bellingham and Enzo due to transfer fees.
I agree about FdJ possibly being a more realistic target for us come the summer window. Also his profile suits us a little bit more than someone like a Enzo Fernandez due to the Dutch players ability to carry and distribute the ball starting from a deeper role in the first phase of the build-up.

Luckhurst is saying that FdJ was open to moving to United after talks with EtH last summer, and I'd personally like to see a midfield 3 of Casemiro, De Jong and Eriksen with a few of the younger midfielders as backup. But we would need new ownership in place before the summer window, if we're to bring in the players we require to bolster the squad.

Yawnnnn, if he tells the Barca board openly he wants to leave and it happens quickly sure.

If he clearly wants to stay at Barca and United are like a fawning ex then no.

Yeah I have never got the impression he has the guts to leave Barca,anyway we will see him at Old Trafford in February.
I’m not sure my mental health can take this again but ok I’ll give it a go, I’m fully on board the train
Yep theres big money being thrown about at Manchester United. Bellingham and FDJ is so unrealistic otherwise that there is no point at all in Andy Mitten (UWS), who is fairly switched on, writing about it.
Who will Barcelona have/sign if De Jong goes in January?
Where did I put that GTA San Andreas meme that's meant for moments like this?
Bellingham, Rice and De Jong.

Two out of the three i wanted last season.

Now we've got Casimero for a couple of years at his peak hopefully...I'd be happy with either De Jong or Bellingham.

I think De Jong looks more realistic of the two at the moment...
De Jong would be a great addition to this side, being so ridiculously press resistant and able to carry the ball through the midfield.
I think that ship has sailed though, he’s proven that just staying put wasn’t such a bad decision after all. He’s in a place he and his missus love, he’s getting the wages according to his contracted terms and he’s back in the first eleven.
Not sure what would now turn his head if last Summers scumfeckery from Barça didn’t do it.
Hope not. I'm bringing a pigs head to OT in a few months.
Not this again... move on Erik.

He was inspired by Sir Alex. Joins the muppet train.

Sorry I just don't see it with him.. if we are going in big for some one it should be Bellingham. Frenkie is just a pass and move merchant, not convinced by him at all and he will struggle in the PL.
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Despite of the circus that happened last summer, signing FDJ this summer is actually more realistic than signing Bellingham and Enzo due to transfer fees.
Agreed on Bellingham but I'd be surprised if Enzo Fernandez went for a bigger fee than Frenkie.

Our bid for de Jong was €85m after add-ons last summer, and that doesn't include any stupid negotiations Barcelona might want to reel us into over his unpaid wages.

Ultimately I'd be happy with either of Frenkie or Enzo, but I reckon Enzo Fernandez might be easier to prise away.
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