Press conference and other interviews thread

Burnley press conference:

Ten Hag on team news
"As you say, Harry Maguire but we will see again after training. But Varane will train, we will see, Amrabat will train, we will see and Mount as well. But they didn't play for short or longer-term. Varane, obviously, was the shortest out."

Sancho to play for United again?
"It depends on him. For the rest, we are preparing for Burnley and that's our focus. He will not be in the squad."

Surprised at the challenge at United?
"No. It's my second year. I know it's not always going up, you will have your gaps and you get stronger from it as long as you stay together. That's what we're doing. In the dressing room, staff, all the staff, coaches, medical, everyone is united and at United you fight."

Ten Hag on dressing room unrest
"I don't know if it's a leak but I know opinion, I know my players. Everyone can make suggestions, we are okay with it. At United, you have to win every game so it doesn't change anything. As always, it's about how we play against Burnley, there's no easy game, definitely not against Burnley."

Ten Hag on Burnley
"We know how intense they play football, we know their approach, I like the approach from them, the adventure, high intensity and dynamic in their game, so we have to play our best."

Ten Hag on Kees Vos
"It can't be [conflict of interest] because we make very good agreements about it from the start; how we cooperate in that manner. For player decisions, transfers, it's always 50-50. We both have a veto: the club, represented by John Murtough, and me. So there can never be a distraction."
Good press conference.

Instead of talking about the team, they ask about the agent, the noise and Sancho.

Very good
So varane likely to be back, mount and amrabat might be on the bench?
Hopefully they can be ready at least for the bench but feels like Palace next weekend might be more realistic. Kinda hate this lack of transparency about injuries and absences, but I guess it's their right to do that. Don't understand the sudden change though.
Crystal Palace press conference:

Ten Hag on Antony
"We make the statement so I refer to the statement, everything has been made clear in the statement. No, I don't think it's a distinction. We will focus on the games. He will do as well."

Ten Hag on team news
"We have seen some players back on Tuesday and for tomorrow are back players out of the squad on Tuesday: Scott McTominay and Christian Eriksen. They are back."

Antony again
"I think we explained it in the statement, so I will refer to it."

The mounting injury list
"We already did, we already expanded the squad this season because we make the reason clear. We had a World Cup in the middle of the season, we had a longer season, we had to play a longer season as well, with FA Cup. A shorter break. Every time the schedule is expanding, the load on the players is too much, it's such a great overload. Many colleagues of mine have pointed to that and I have pointed to that as well. But it keeps going. We keep expanding the schedule. Anywhere, it won't stop. Players can't deal anymore with this overload and I think that's what you see in this squad at the moment.

When will Antony return?
"On Saturday, he will be back in training, so tomorrow. I have to see, but I think, yeah [he's fit]."

Ten Hag on Sancho
"Many of you ask me this so often, these questions, and I have said everything. I said everything."

Youngsters coming into team
"Depends on their performances, on their levels, if they can show they can contribute to winning team, based on the opportunity and you win games."

Different challenge against Palace?
"Definitely, both sides will be different but we got belief from it, I know the opponent is looking for revenge, clear, and that will be their view."

Developing young talent
"You've seen already, when you develop players you see the progress and that can help you in tough situations, it's good for the club to develop such players and to get them into professional football and professional top football. I like to develop young players but the mentality has to be right and every time you have to prove it and every occasion in training and show it in the games."
I feel for the manager. You can tell, for me, that the clubs of field issues especially, are taking their toll.
His answers are a little shorter, to the point and his definitely over repeating himself. The British media, well football press anyway are so controversy obsessed its ridiculous.
The embargoed part is out - incidentally, couldn't find a text version to paste

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Erik you seem to have a shortage of defenders or a lot of them out at the moment. Are there any defenders in the Under-21 team or the Academy that you are looking at that could come into the squad now?
“No, not in this moment. I think in the centre-back positions, we don't have problems, it is more in the full-back positions we have the problems.”

Is that an issue with the Under-21s' results? They have had a tough time of it recently in the last couple of games, or do you not think the quality is there?
“You see we have so many players or so many people that could play in the Under-21s, that could also play [for us]. Dan Gore for instance, Omari [Forson] is always training with us, he played in that game but he did very well in pre-season. [Facundo] Pellistri, [Alejandro] Garnacho are all players who could play in the Under-21s.”

Hi Erik, the last two games and two victories have coincided with Hannibal coming into the midfield, I think it was against Burnley he ran 12.9km, more than any of your players this season. How impressed have you been with him and what does his contribution and message send to the rest of the squad? He has taken his chance and shown that industry and really grasped that, but what does say to the rest of the squad?
“I think he gives a very good message to the rest of the squad, that this is the demand and this has to be the standard. When you are playing that position, [this is] what you have to bring to the team to get success. Especially when you are playing against possession teams, he is a really good fit and can give a good contribution to a good performance and to a result.”

Are you surprised at how quickly he has adapted to the first team? I think that was only his second Premier League start against Burnley?
“I don't think it is that quick because before I already came here he was already in the first team. He made his debut and, last year, he was on loan, so this year he is making progress. That's why he deserved an opportunity and he has now taken the opportunity. As I said previously on former questions, every time he has to improve and he has to give the evidence that he deserves to play and that goes for everyone and every player in the squad.”

Hi Erik, on a similar sort of a topic to Hannibal, he only got into the squad because of injuries which was unfortunate, but are some players better in matches than they are in training? Do they show more in competitive games? Him coming in and taking his chance, I would have thought he would have been in the squad earlier, or is that just how it works sometimes that you have to wait, even though you are very good because there are so many good players ahead?
“There are situations where players are just ahead, but it is good that the internal competition is there. Hopefully, it gives other players a push that they have to bring more, they have to add more. He did a great job for the team and he really contributed to our levels in the last two games.”

He seems to have a bit of aggression about his game, a sort of winning attitude. Is that something you maybe miss but would like a little bit more of that aggression?
“I think the approach and attitude from the whole team was different in the last two games.”

Just on that subject there, is it important for you that no matter the name, in the past with Manchester United, the name and the transfer fee looks to have demanded places in the recent past. Does that not matter to you? If these young lads like Alejandro [Garnacho] and [Facundo] Pellistri do the business, they can stay in and is that the message you give them?
“That's definitely the truth. I don't look at status, I look to the performance. What the players are bringing. Players have credit but not too long. Every time - let's say this - you are as a good as your last game. When you don't bring the performance in a couple of games in a row, then it is possible [that] when you get players in, we can now talk about how they can take over positions. Also on their own account, they have to show it. I am not a manager who has concerns about bringing players in and we have seen from the first two games of the season, as I started Garnacho.”

Coming back to Antony, how is his state of mind at the moment? Are you confident he won't be distracted by the claims as they are quite serious accusations against him?
“I can't tell in this moment. First, he has to be back.”

Have you not spoken to him over the past couple of weeks?
“Yes [we have] spoken, but it doesn't give the impression of how he is and how his mental status is.”

Can you say whether, going forward over the next week, assessing his mental state will be important for Antony before he comes back?
“It is only hypothetical. With the statement, and for today, we have to keep away and stay away from all the discussions.”

On Lisandro, it said in the statement that he initially suffered the injury again against Arsenal and then he played against Brighton and Bayern. Was that simply because he told you he was fit to play? You didn't take a risk to play him in those games and now it has backfired with him being out for a bit, did you?
“So we did a proper diagnostic, but [they also did] in Argentina as well. Now it [has] came out that there was a problem, that's very sad, first place of course for Licha, but also for the team because he wasn't 100 per cent fit. I think it was a big difference that Licha Martinez played in those [last two] games as it wasn't [the] Licha Martinez we have seen in the first season here at Manchester United. He will add to the team but not only that, he is a strong contributor to our levels. If already one player drops a level, then also the team performance levels will be lower.”

Erik, people will look at the Antony situation and see him back in team training after some serious allegations, but then, on the other hand, you have the Sancho situation where he has broken club rules but he is not part of that group. How do you explain the difference in the handling of those two situations?
“Those issues are nothing to do with each other. Nothing. One is internal, the other is external.”
Galatasaray press conference:

Ten Hag on Saturday defeat
"We are disappointed about the result. You have to analyse the game, see the problems and move forward."

Ten Hag on Antony
"Antony will be in consideration but yesterday was his first time back in team training. We have a final training, then we'll make a decision."

Ten Hag on results
"I think I don't agree with that [lack of progress]. The team is moving forward, but we have to make adjustments as well. When you don't have a left-back [fit], we have to change and we did. At the end of the day, it's about results and we didn't get the result we were looking for, which is very disappointing."

Ten Hag on referees
"I don't give comments often on refereeing because they do what they need to do. The standards need to be high. You can expect, the fans can, a high standard, so it should be because it's the Premier League. I'm sure they do what they can, I trust them."

Ten Hag on team news
"I can confirm, yeah. Licha Martinez will undergo surgery and the team news is Antony can probably return."

What messages does Antony return send?
Ten Hag replied: "Antony co-operated fully and it came out, he's not charged, so."

Ten Hag on underperforming players
"You have to deal with. Experienced players know how to deal with it and it's not the first time we're in this situation because that's a career, it's not only highlights, it's a journey and that will have bumps. Now it's about the character, what you have to show and how to get out. There are many positives but things we need to improve on."

Ten Hag on tomorrow's game
"Top football is all about results, but if the execution is not right, the process is not right, you don't win, so both [what's more important: result or display]."

Ten Hag on Galatasaray
"We know that [Galatasaray quality], it's not only Zaha and Icardi, but there's Mertens and Ziyech, so they have a lot more and it's about the team. We have to defend that and have to be at our best to get the right result"

Ten Hag on Rashford form
"The facts are he's not scoring at this moment, but he's had opportunities, like against Brighton, where he had five or six occasions in a very good spot. If he works hard and invests every day, with the right focus and if the team around him supplies and helps him and supports him with movement, then it will come and Marcus Rashford is a player who's capable of scoring a goal in every game. When he's coming in the right spots, he will score."

Ten Hag on Bayindir
"You will see [will Bayindir play tomorrow]. But we chose in the League Cup to play Andre [Onana] because he [Bayindir] has to adapt to the England standard. That's why we preferred Andre to play. But also we have to progress Altay, that's clear. He's made a very good impression in training and he's really developing, so we're really happy with it. We are convinced we have the two right goalkeepers in the squad to do the job for us."

Varane on Champions League
"I think the competition is about details. You have to be efficient to win it, in the last weeks, we can improve that, being better in front of goal. We need to create a lot to score and that's the reality of the top level, you must be efficient to win trophies. We have the quality in the squad to win the competition but we have to improve."

Varane again
"Yes, I think so [can United win Champions League], the quality is in the squad. The competition is difficult, you have to take of every detail, but we have a team with quality, a good mentality. We have to make some improvements, it wasn't the start to the season we expected, but I still believe we can compete with the best teams in the world."

Varane on young players
"I think they are doing well, They bring energy to the team, they are still learning, which is normal and the players with more experience, it's important to lead by example. We have a lot to do and as leaders, we have to show them and talk to them. Hopefully they can bring talent and passion to the pitch and improve the squad."
Brentford press conference:

Ten Hag on the problem
"Consistency. That is the problem we are struggling with. In parts of the games, in big parts, we do a lot of things right, but we have moments where we struggle and in such moments we can't survive. We need to do the right things, be consistent and do it like before, so definitely you can mark such a moment like when we score or concede a goal. We have to step up."

How to fix problems
"It's difficult, but you do research and look at it. We've spoken about it, how we can improve and we make some agreements about that. I think it's more than one factor, concentration is one, but there's other things."

Ten Hag on team news
"Not for tomorrow [Reguilon]. I think he's [Antony] ready for a start]."

Ten Hag on Rashford
"Strikers when they don't score, they need a moment and it will come. He's so experienced and when he's doing the right things and the team is, the momentum will come and he'll be on fire."

Ten Hag on XI changes
"We've had to make changes almost every game and the routine changes. You make mistakes as a team and the opponent takes benefit from it, so we need to be on the same page, we need communication in such moments, to be well organised."

Ten Hag on dropped levels
"We've dropped the levels and we have to get back to those. There are reasons for that, but still, it's not acceptable and we have to fight against it. They have a good foundation for the way we play, we have rules and principles. When they help each other and support each other, we will play better."

Ten Hag on Rashford again
"It's normal not to be always at the same levels. Everyone knows the quality of him, also the opposition knows, but if Rashy is doing things right and the team is doing things right, putting him in the right places, then it's up to him. We have seen in the last weeks, he's getting into good positions, now he's a little bit struggling but this will pass because everyone knows his qualities. Everyone at Manchester United backs him, the whole team is supportive of him and believes in him, so I'm sure with that confidence, with that belief, this will change and pass."

Ten Hag on coats for charity
I think it's important, we are together as a society, we have to support everyone, you give a part of you, share, so hopefully this campaign is great and hopefully everyone is supportive of it and give something if you can."
Sheffield United press conference:

Ten Hag on Ratcliffe
"No [have you been told anything]. So I'm not involved in this, others in the club are dealing with this, I'm focusing on my team, focusing on the current block and the most important priority is the next game, it's all about that."

Ten Hag on Sancho
"Everything has been said about him."

Team galvanised by win?
"You can't restart but what you can do is... what you see is there is a strong dressing room, they are aligned, on one page, they are so determined and willing to win games, that is what we have seen in the last couple of minutes. In the end, we beat them and physically we were very strong, mentally, we kept going and were very strong."

Ten Hag on Onana
"He knows, we know, he will do much better and as every player who's coming into the Premier League, you need an integration period but he has to step up. Big United keepers like Peter Schmeichel and David de Gea started not doomed and Andre knows that it is good to know a little bit from history. We live now, we live in the future and he has to make his future by giving better performances. I'm sure he will do. He showed it at Barcelona, Ajax, Inter Milan, he was in semi-final and final of Champions League, I'm sure he will give a great performance."

Ten Hag on Maguire
"I've not heard it [boos]. All of the fans were supportive for us against Brentford and the games before, I think we have a strong bond with our fans. I don't think Harry is booed. He doesn't deserve it. His performance against Brentford and for England he was very good."

Ten Hag on Sheff United
"Every game in the Premier League is difficult, if you have seen their results against City and Spurs, they were very narrow wins. If you don't play your best football, you can have a loss. We won our last game away, finally it's not about that. You can't figure out the past and last year we were third in the league, we won a cup, we were in another final, we live in the future, we have to change the future."

How is Lindelof?
"Terrible situation and it's sad for the victims and the relatives, family and friends of the victims there in Brussels. It's a crazy world. Of course, Victor had a problem, it's a bad experience, as Sweden national team, he was the captain, he had to stay in front and give statements but he dealt with it. He's exhausted after it. He didn't sleep overnight. He returned and yesterday he was back in training. He dealt with the situation. Our thoughts are with Victor, the victims' relatives and the victims. Victor has energy and is ready to play this game."

Fernandes role change
"As a squad, in periods of the season, you have to deal with certain situations like injuries, at full-back and right wing in last couple of games. We have to find solutions. Bruno is a very good right winger as well, he has his freedom there, playing not typical but coming inside more, the 10 role and always you want to use a player like this, he's a player that creates one of the most chances in all of the games."
Sweden captain. Didn't you bother to read what Ten Hag said?
Sigh. Stop being snarky. I was asking what was his problem in Brussels. I don't follow internationals like you apparently do, so sorry for not being in the loop.
Brussels attack during the Belgium and Sweden game and he was the captain who had to rally the team and give the press conference
Thanks. Didn't know about that attack. Hopefully he is not too shaken by that incident.