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Ralf Rangnick | ex-interim manager | does anyone rate him?

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Jun 24, 2015
1. Henderson
2. Bissaka
3. Jones
4. Bailly
5. Telles?
6. Matic
7. Mata
8. Lingard
9. Cavani
10. Martial
11. Greenwood

Who replace this players?
Promote the youth. Give them a run; Diallo, Mejbri, Fernandez, Garnacho, Laird, Hugill, Garner for starters


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Dec 1, 2016
Why would Man United need to sound out, let alone listen to, the opinion of a "Premier League executive" about what interim manager they want to hire? Bizarre reporting.
Probably put in his application.


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Oct 21, 2013
He's just a shite man manager and that was an obvious risk when bringing in a manager with no top level experience.

Handling the egos is part of the gig. And given how uninterested multiple proven top players seemed to have been he was shite at it.

Cavani, Pogba, Shaw, Rashford, Bruno, Varane, Ronaldo have all shown they can be good players. They've all been uninterested and "injured" with the exception of Ronaldo.

The common narrative on this forum is that these players must be shit, but some of their performances in the not so distant past say otherwise...
Cavani, Pogba, Rashford and Bruno was shit under Ole from the beginning of the season. If they had done their job Ole would not have been sacked. Pogba play well whenever he feels like playing. Cavani threw out his toys with the arrival of Ronaldo. This all happened from the beginning of the season not only in December. The same with Maguire


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Jun 11, 2011
He did get a lot of things right and the most important was that he called a spade a spade. He showed how shite these players have been and had two managers sacked. They ran for 60 mins and then stopped running. If we had got to the CL spot it would cover the cracks and what they did to Ole is going to happen soon. Now there is no place for the players to hide anymore.
Yeah in fact qualifying for the EL probably still covers some of those cracks. If only we'd got relegated then there would be no cracks left to fill, we'd need a completely new wall.

Has anyone got any experience with building walls?
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