Vincent Kompany: Man City quadruple a matter of time | Next year?

6 - Purchased Kane, Alli, Erriksen, Alderweireld, Vertonghen, Rose, Trippier, Winks and Lloris from Spurs alongside Walker. Maybe in exchange for long-term loans or even sales (with buyback clauses) of City's youth players to Spurs. (5)

This one was funny :lol:.
We lost to Wigan (and Liverpool as well) (1) because Pep kept playing the First XI (more or less) game after game under the style of football we play (as well as a high level of performance) despite the lack in strength in depth (2). Lets make that clear...

Now the solution to this is of course getting more World Class players, which realistically means we have to look at transfer spending and more importantly what players you actually get. It is not simply a case of simply spending money though, otherwise the Galaticos of Real Madrid (1st and 2nd generation) would have won a hell of a lot more than they actually have.

Overall my views on Pep are mixed, on the one hand he has learned lessons from how hard it is to win the Premier League (from his first season), has the right tatics, and improved on many of the players who where already there when he arrived (Sterling, KDB, Silva, Fernandinho, Otamendi and yes Delph as well), which alongside the transfers he has made (which Nolitio and Bravo aiside have been pretty sucessful on City's part) has played a big part in City's form so far this season. On the other hand the guy is personality wise the guy is a twat, at times a sore loser and has yet to learn fully how hard it is to dominate domestically and achive European sucess at the same time.

Which explains a lot about his transfer policy, which while (for the most part) has been pretty sucessfull in terms of the players we did get, but which did not go far enough in terms of both rebuilding our squad and upgrading it the level we need to be at.


Anyway the fact is that in this day and age you cannot just dump untested youth's into the first team, expect them to win all 4 trophies (including the Premier League and the Champions League) and thus perform from the first minute they play in the same way you don't ask the junior doctor to single handly perform heart surgery on their first day.

Likewise managers like Pep and Mourinho who are under pressure to win trophies are not exactly willing to gamble a whole season away just to give certain players game time (3). After all times have changed since the Class of 92 first emerged considering the increasing competition there is Domestically alongside the El Classico duopoly in the Champions League.

Thus in this day and age (considering the lack of overall Chelsea's youth policy) the only way you can sucessfully develop youth players (if you are a major club) is to give them a safe space for them to thirve, one that away from the immediate preassure of having to win major trophies, but also with enough ambition to push the players forward (something that Arsenal are lacking at the moment). That more than anything else is why Tottenham has been more sucessful than any of the other major clubs when it comes to youth players and why I am in favour of B Teams in the Football League (4)

The fact is that every manager of any big club that has any ambition at all is going to have to spend big in the transfer market, no matter if you are Chelsea, Man United, City, Barcelona, PSG, Real Madrid or Bayern. Because the fact is that no academy (not even Barca's or Tottenhams) can produce the 22 World Class Players (at least) per era that any big sides needs to win it all.

So why have we (and other English) teams not won it if it is not strength in depth? And no the competitiveness of the Premier League is not a good enough excuse when it can be overcome with the right (in terms of quality and size) squad.

Well I would not say on a regular basis, especially considering my low posting rate recently. Reguardless what I can say is that the main reason my writing style is the way is quite simply because I have got a lot to say about the state of the modern game (and the clubs that play in it) and for me the best way to express it (while retaining my privacy) is to post on online forums such as this one.

In other words I am just a passionate football fan with strong opnions.

If I was really Pep, then I would have done the following if I was in his shoes:

1 - Not moan about the Christmas Schedule and the "hard tackles" on City Players.

2 - Not underestimate how difficult the Premier League is compared to La Liga/Bundesliga from the start

3 - Not have public meltdowns when we lose/losing (instead of doing it some of the time).

3 - Avoid purchasing Bravo and Nolito last season.

4 - Outbid Man United and Chelsea (respectively) for Pogba and Kante last season

5 - Do whatever it took to obtain Sanchez ASAP (and maybe get Bellerin from the Arsenal as well)

6 - Purchased Kane, Alli, Erriksen, Alderweireld, Vertonghen, Rose, Trippier, Winks and Lloris from Spurs alongside Walker. Maybe in exchange for long-term loans or even sales (with buyback clauses) of City's youth players to Spurs. (5)

7 - Purchased Fabinho and Lemar from Monaco alongside Mendy and B.Silva.

8 - Purchased VVD rather than let him go to Liverpool.

9 - Buy Laporte in the Summer.

10 - Purchased Alaba from Bayern Munich.

11 - Not go on RedCafe to express my grivences.

12 - Instead of demanding 20 World Class Players, I would be demanding 33 (or so) instead.

If I was a Man United fan (6), I would be equally as demanding on my club as I am as a City fan. Because lets face it for one of the biggest clubs in the world (if not the biggest) United should be asprising to be outcompetiting the likes of Real Madrid and Barcelona alongside (re)establishing their (former) domestic dominance.

(1) Alongside under-performing in far too many games.

(2) No matter how many good players we have in our First XI.

(3) Not when there are certain players out there which you know can deliver for you instead.

(4) And why despite the cynical nature of CFG's investment in Girona, it does make sense to use the club as a sort of unofficial City B Team in La Liga.

(5) Look if Liverpool can treat Southampton as their B Team/Academy then I don't see why City cannot do the same with Spurs (A team which I rate highly by the way), only on a bigger scale of course.

(6) Which I might have well been had it not been my long established (from childhood) affection for City.
:lol:wow, that's 18 top players you say Pep should have bought or be buying. What would that cost, maybe £900m if we conservatively price them at £50m each. The wage bill would be astronomical.

How the hell can you keep a squad of 33 or so world class players happy? Doubt Kane or whoever will join City to be a squad player.
Bloody hell, he's even got a footnote number next to his username...
City out of the Champions League
If he gets 4 losses in a row, he might as well crack and need a sabatical.
Happy birthday Vinny. Hopefully the club got you a cake and that you finally achieve that lifelong dream of a quadruple this weekend.
It's sad because he looks like a genuinely nice and affable guy in general.

His decline is akin to Rooney's. The legs are long gone (2-3 years already) but he plays when fit because he's the captain, and still, defensively, their most sound CB(in his head, not his legs, again, like Rooney).

That said, he still looks like an alien.
Mental to even say it to begin with. Trebles and Quadruples are almost impossible, hence why one has been done just once ever in England and the other has never been done.

Disrespectful of Kompany, or City, or any club for that matter to even talk about such things unless they are a) League Cup Champions b) League Champions c) FA Cup finalists and d) CL finalists.
It will NEVER happen. Sheikhs will get bored or the Emirati money be put to use somewhere else
Would Ederson winning Golden glove, and De Bruyne winning PFA player of the year count towards the quadruple?
If there is a bright side to dippers winning the league it's that we won't see the quadruple this season either.