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  1. Newcastle could be sold to an Arab sheikh

    Pretty much.
  2. Iran v US confrontation

    Jesus christ I work and live in the UAE.. is this shit real?
  3. Barca history

    You're wasting your time mate.
  4. Film Best Zombie Movies Ever?

    Shaun of the Dead and Zombieland
  5. Music 2019 in music

    Great song from a great album. Damon Albarn outdid himself.
  6. Fernandinho, Man City's unsung hero?

    Nah, got to be doping.
  7. Music Commercial Hip Hop Thread

    Great double album. Top 5 releases of the year.
  8. Ballague : the pep's as* kisser

    Ha! Your fault for actually listening to him all these years. He's the designated Spanish football 'expert in the UK for some weird reason. Plenty of better analysts out there or even here in this forum.
  9. La Liga 2017/18

    Can't see that happening. Without Busquets too.
  10. La Liga 2017/18

    Officially behind closed doors. Balls.
  11. 2017 in music

    Album as a full project is underwhelming, especially after Reflektor. But there are some really good songs throughout it that you'd like.