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  1. Question Time & This Week

    You've misconstrued a fairly common sense point so as to pursue an argument that didn't exist
  2. Question Time & This Week

    Oh for crying out loud...
  3. NHS winter 'crisis'

    I didn't. So i was talking about personal health, preventive medicine, cleaner air, social care policy e.t.c. Thanks for such an enlightening and reasonable reply though.
  4. Question Time & This Week

    What name calling? So you advocate people attending their GP when they don't need to, not only during a 'crisis' situation but in the midst of a particularly challenging flu season. But hey, i'm the selfish Tory around here.
  5. Question Time & This Week

    Not every patient requires the ongoing care of staff in a general hospital, a fact of which you are well aware. Some don't would rathe state handle it, others fear taking a hit in the pocket but would otherwise be open to the idea. In the case of he latter, the Government should subsidise heir...
  6. Question Time & This Week

    Long term or immediate? Let's consider what the winter of 2018/19 could be like: would you discourage people from attending their GP surgery with non-urgent complaints, might you suggest that family could look out for their loved ones following surgeryu or illness e.t.c.
  7. Question Time & This Week

    I'll repeat it then. How would you go about easing the pressures created by excessive and unnecessary demand upon the NHS?
  8. NHS winter 'crisis'

    If you're not prepared to accept that lessons must be learnt from Labour's decisions and pattern of spending, there's not much of a conversation to be had. I disagree with the present Government's record on both as it happens, however the red rosette's actions seem to be beyond reproach here...
  9. NHS winter 'crisis'

    You quoted a post which made no direct reference to that at all. And while social care is indeed in a state, the two concerns are not mutually exclusive. Furthermore, the closure of both A&E units and closure od day hospitals are a factor in the demands being placed on the service.
  10. NHS winter 'crisis'

    Hmm... If you say so.
  11. NHS winter 'crisis'

    Fewere A&E units, fewer maternity units, closed convalescent hospitals, but that'ss perfectly justifiable in your book. In their place we have longer journeys for patients and indebted trusts. Between the years of 1997 and 2015 the UK population increased by 7 million, however you advocate a...
  12. NHS winter 'crisis'

    But what would people be making this additional contrinution for precisely? If voters want nurses to get a £2,000 pay rise, such should be guaranteed up front. Similarly, we can't re-open closed facilities just because there'll be several billion extra in the coffers. New Labour had larger...
  13. Question Time & This Week

    Yep, my PFI empire is soccessful that i'm lying on a beach as i type. ;) Honestly though, you could have made at least one attempt at answering my one question to you. Did you go in the end?
  14. Question Time & This Week

    Sorry Jip, we went to a local gastropub instead. :) I'd like to hope that it returns next year, although i'd move it to the spring were i City Hall (less flu and the like). I hadn't read it at that point. Having now done so, i don't think that it is evidence of a Tory Illuminati if that's what...
  15. Television Blue Planet II

    For any of our American friends who were unable to source BP2 before this weekend. :) By way of a further heads-up, you can also look forward to some other great TV in the near future: so far in 2018 the BBC has begun airing a series on Yellowstone as well as Big Cats.