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  1. Manchester United videos

    Bit of a shot in the dark here, but does anyone have footage of the 1967 FA Cup tie with Norwich? My dad's trying to find it so he can see Denis Law's goal, but he (and I) can't find it anywhere.
  2. Was it a foul?

    It's a contact sport. Contact in and of itself isn't enough to constitute a foul. It's a no for me, but the more I listened to Paul Ince afterwards, the more I didn't care and the more I just wanted to luxuriate in his anger.
  3. Villarreal - Manchester United | EL Final Build-up Thread

    Anniversary of the 1999 Champions League Final, Matt Busby's birthday, absolutely no question we're winning.
  4. Best United moment & why...what made it so special

    Opening match of the 07/08 season. 0-0 vs. Reading. First and so far only time I’ve been to OT with my dad; he hadn’t been there since leaving Manchester in the early 70s. Otherwise, Solskjaer’s goal, Terry’s miss, O’Shea in front of the Kop, Rio’s winner in SAF’s last game at OT...we’ve lived...
  5. MLS Cup 2017

    Should be three- or four-nil. TFC needs a second.
  6. Zlatan's Injury Thread

    For what it's worth, NFL running back Adrian Peterson blew his ACL in late 2011. He was back on the field for the Minnesota Vikings' opener in September 2012, and that season he came within nine yards of breaking the NFL's all-time single-season rushing record. Zlatan would have access to some...
  7. Wayne Rooney: Manchester United All Time Top Goalscorer

    The hat trick against Fenerbahce feels like it happened yesterday. Congrats. Legend.
  8. Bluemoon goes into Meltdown

    Is the NYCFC badge a piss-take? It looks like an actual Aeropostale shirt:
  9. RAWK Goes Into Meltdown 2015-16 Edition

    I don't get the "fallen on hard times" narrative emanating from Liverpool-supporting corners (and it's not just RAWK: it seems like the whole club's entire MO). We last won the league three years ago; since then, inevitably, we've struggled to replace arguably the most successful manager in...
  10. RAWK Goes Into Meltdown 2015-16 Edition

    Since we're "so 90s" now, here's a list of what we've won since 1999 turned into 2000: League = 8 F.A. Cup = 2 League Cup = 3 Community Shield = 6 Champions League = 1 Club World Cup = 1 Imagine what we might've won if we weren't stuck two decades in the past?
  11. What team do your parents support?

    This. It'll be the same with my kids.
  12. US Tour 2015

    I've driven from Toronto to New Jersey multiple times for United pre-season friendlies ;)
  13. Manchester United vs Manchester City (FA Premier League)

    3-2 win. Di Maria for Young; otherwise, same XI as today's. Flew over for last year's OT derby, terrified at the prospect of what might happen but cautiously optimistic nonetheless. The first forty-three seconds were great. Much more optimistic about this one.
  14. Worst Injury you've seen on a football pitch?

    The worst I've experienced was re-injuring a previously torn ACL, which resulted in not one but two additional surgeries. Haven't played since (this was October 2013). The worst I've seen was a friend breaking his femur: he literally went to kick the ball, did, and fell over. The perfect storm...
  15. The slip or getting sent off after 45 seconds?

    The slip, although that doesn't diminish the stamp. It's like claiming The Godfather 2 isn't a masterpiece because it's not quite as good as the original.