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  1. Edinson Cavani - Manchester United Player

    You aren’t gutted caused we didn’t Sancho but you’re gutted cause we gave the #7 shirt to Cavani? I am not really sure what to say to that.
  2. NFL 2020

  3. Amad Diallo Traore signs for Manchester United

    We aren’t getting him till January.
  4. Ousmane Dembele

    Please don’t BUY him. Disaster waiting to happen with his injury record. Loan is the best option. If they don’t accept move on. Don’t make a desperate deal.
  5. The 3-5-2 formation under Ole

  6. Facundo Pellistri / SIGNED for United

    Do we really have a choice other than to throw into the first team and hope for a surprise?
  7. Ismaila Sarr

    Please don’t drop 40m on him.
  8. Amad Diallo - Atalanta winger

    Cue the “if he is so talented then why aren’t the other top teams in for him” posts.
  9. Facundo Pellistri / SIGNED for United

    From YouTube scouting?
  10. Ousmane Dembele

    A loan move with no obligation to buy. I wouldn’t call it a disaster.
  11. Fantasy Premier League 20/21

  12. Edinson Cavani - SIGNED for United

    Yeah? We’ve offering 70-80m for Sancho all summer. Could have used this 30m on that deal.
  13. Edinson Cavani - SIGNED for United

    He cost nothing? Do you only look at transfer fees? His wages are reported to be 200k per week which is around 10m a year for 2 years and his agent fees are another 10m. That’s around 30m.