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  1. Fantasy Premier League 21/22

    feck me. What a waste of a WC that was last week.
  2. Fantasy Premier League 21/22

    Is Lukaku going to be rested against Norwich?
  3. Fantasy Premier League 21/22

  4. Fantasy Premier League 21/22

    You should be looking to move Ben and Mason ahead of Cancelo.
  5. Would you take Ten Hag at United?

  6. Would you take Ten Hag at United?

    Fred and AWB being binned is definitely a good thing. They are both useless.
  7. Would you take Ten Hag at United?

    fecking bring him in before Barca do! If this is what he can do with a squad like Ajax think about what he can with a squad like ours. But of course it’s us so we will feck this up as well cause of sentiment and end up with the next washed up coach.
  8. Fantasy Premier League 21/22

    Dias will play. He only played 15 mins at the weekend. Plus after the league game it’s a cup game so Stones will play then. Same can be said for Foden but I’m much more confident of Dias playing than Foden.
  9. High Press | Does it work?

    Greenwood is not a hard worker. He doesn’t press nor does he track back.
  10. High Press | Does it work?

    Literally the first line says this high pressing of “ours”.
  11. High Press | Does it work?

    This thread is in a United forum and that too on the main page so obviously it relates to United and the team currently. I don’t care if Liverpool and City press or don’t press. I’m talking about how haphazard our “pressing” is with a couple doing it and the rest just standing still.
  12. High Press | Does it work?

    Because he doesn’t have a solution. He doesn’t know how. His staff don’t know how. They care about keeping players happy and playing the best players so they can come up with moments of magic.
  13. High Press | Does it work?

    It won’t. On paper we can say it’s a 4-3-3 with two #8s but on the field they won’t work like that. They will continue to do their own thing with Bruno playing higher up and pressing for no reason and Pogba also pushing up higher and not tracking back.
  14. High Press | Does it work?

    Yeah I think this Bruno-Pogba experiment is over. It’s so obvious they can’t play in the same team as a #10 and #8 cause we are so poor off the ball and defensively. Bruno runs around everywhere by himself and Pogba doesn’t even cover the areas he should playing a central mid. Just let Pogba...
  15. How can Ole be this bad?