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  1. Who here wants us to beat Leicester?

    Would like to win, but I definitely don't want to see our premium players start, let alone play the full game. Definitely don't risk Bruno or Pogba. I can see using them if the game is tied around the 70 min mark, but I'd rather see them rested for a full 90 vs Liverpool. Maybe a 3-5-2 with...
  2. Jose Mourinho - Roma manager (from 2021-22 season)

    Amazon should just sign him up to follow him around on his managerial journeys. That would be a good drama. Roma probably factored that in. Would help their finances & boost their global profile.
  3. Lingard to join West Ham on loan

    Watching him vs Chelsea, you can see that he's the focal point for West Ham's attack and is very good at it. The quick touches & driving runs are coming off and makes one wonder where was this for the last few years. I think part of it is a sense of freedom, as any mistakes aren't as magnified...
  4. Who replaces Woodward?

    Does it have to be someone with a football background? Or at least a sporting background? I guess it's not like a normal CEO position since they really still need approval from the owners, and wouldn't have carte blanche. Maybe a sports agency guy? Or a federation hand?
  5. Top 4 race / race abandoned (or maybe not) / Leicester & Chelsea in the process of bottling it

    Looks like Arsenal will advance in the Europa League. Imagine a scenario where top 4 was Man City, Man United, Leicester, and Liverpool, followed by Chelsea, West Ham, and Spurs. Then imagine Spurs win the Carabao Cup (ensuring a place in the Conference League) and Chelsea win the CL, while...
  6. Jose Mourinho Sack Watch | Sacked per 19-04

    King? Only coaching experience is an assistant to Jose currently. I assume Lamps & Gerrard are not in the running. Not many good options currently. Maybe Scott Parker? He's a former Spur.
  7. Cavani's diving header

    After having a few laughs, I came upon this copycat performance by Arturo Vidal. Not as laugh inducing, but still.
  8. Brendan Rodgers - Leicester City manager

    Big props for doing so. I'm sure the fans weren't too appreciative playing a top 4 rival without some big cogs, but I'd think SAF would do something similar. Kind of rooting for them to right the ship & get into the top 4. They definitely have the parts to get there, they just have to hold their...
  9. Europa Conference League

    Looking at the current state of affairs, maybe Mou might not want to win the Carabao Cup vs City, as that gives them the Conference League bid. If they drop out of top 4 contention, they couldn't even tank their remaining games to avoid Thursday Night Football.
  10. Europa Conference League

    Imagine how some teams might play the last few rounds in the PL if they are out of the running for CL. Figure Spurs, Chelsea, & Liverpool might rather place 8th than play in this competition, let alone having to go through the EL. Not sure how hard Arsenal would fight for this spot. It's like...
  11. Europa League 20/21

    Spurs are so Spurs.
  12. Jose Mourinho Sack Watch | Sacked per 19-04

    The shame about Mou is that he hasn't evolved. He's a great manager (or at least was), but he's stuck in his ways and he eventually wears out, both his welcome & his zest for managing. It's a shame as he's a character & it's good to have some on the sideline. When he came here, I was looking...
  13. Premier League Gameweek 25

    True smash & grab. Sorry for Brighton, but they need to cash in on their dominance. CP goal was under siege the whole second half.
  14. New format proposed for 2024-27 Champions League

    Interesting discussion. The draw would be like watching a spaghetti chart. I assume there are no protections vs having intraleague rivals meet in the group stage, but maybe in the next stages?
  15. RAWK goes into Meltdown 20/21 Edition

    Had a good laugh about the Gibbs brothers. The original poster was talking about Hassenhutl (Maurice) crying when the Saints topped the Reds, but somehow it goes back to Bruno (who is a good lookalike of Robin). Good stuff. BTW, why does that one poster liken Ole to Smeagol? Don't think he...