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  1. Other Geoguessr - New Maps Added

    Top of the leaderboard! Almost max points on the 5th which i am well chuffed with. Also, i'm on the night shift tonight, it is dead so any battle royales or challeneges keep em coming!!
  2. Other Geoguessr - New Maps Added

    Sat in 4th on challenge 2. 1 point out for the first with the rest all being a bit hit and miss with them all coming down to nothing more than good guesses. This is great fun and it is funny to see how much you can recognise without ever going to said country.
  3. Macedonia qualify for EURO 2020

    Congratulations! When you see the same names every year it is hard to think about the feeling the smaller footballing nations get when they finally qualify for a major tournament. As @V.O. mentioned, Wales waited decades for our moment (and we did a pretty decent job I would say!!) so hopefully...
  4. Gaming FIFA 21

    So off topic away from the gameplay etc, but does anyone understand why FUT is a big as it is? Lyon’s facebook page has just posted photos of all their players receiving their FUT card and copy of the game in a flash box. Last year VVD did a video of him presenting one to every Liverpool player...
  5. Edinson Cavani - SIGNED for United

    Juve also win their league title year in year out, are competitive in the UCL and make other signings around this type of signing to strengthen their team, so a Cavani type signing is more the cherry on top with them. I don’t rate him at all. His goal record at PSG comes from being in a team...
  6. Manchester United vs Crystal Palace

    he was full pelt mate! i’ll leave now...
  7. Jadon Sancho| Staying at Dortmund for now

    I’m happy to jump into this thread for this fact alone! Get it done Eddy!
  8. United goals that made you lose your s***!

    On the older side, so having a wee nap. They were Rugby fans so oblivious to the magic that was about to unfold.
  9. United goals that made you lose your s***!

    Rashfords vs PSG had me in tears, under the circumstances it made it more special. RVP vs City. Was so happy we signed him and he put up some big moments but that is the one that topped it. Sanchez (yes him) vs Newcastle when we turned the game around along with Matic vs Palace in similar...
  10. How many of you will buy the new United home jersey?

    Picked one up for my 10 month old. Her first football kit! I like it and will probably pick one up if the price drops as I only wear my United tops now when watching a game.
  11. New Kits 20/21

    I like the new jersey and I have just ordered it for my daughter. Will be her first football kit so hopefully we have a memorable season in it to make it more special.
  12. Jadon Sancho| Staying at Dortmund for now

    slightly off topic for this thread but in regards to Januzaj, other players were saying how good he was (RVP I think it was) so the hype was internal which the fans got onboard with.
  13. Harry Maguire | 2019/20 Performances

    Brilliant in the air defensivley, but could have had 3 goals in the past few games and has missed many headers throughout the season on the attacking front, which I think has been a big let down. I know as a CB it is not his role to score but one of his strengths that were talked about coming...
  14. Premier League Gameweek 35-37 + FA Cup semis

    Sorry my bad on the West ham comment, I misread the table from google.
  15. Premier League Gameweek 35-37 + FA Cup semis

    If I am correct, Villa would leapfrog West Ham as their gd is better so it would then be the gd between West Ham & Watford for the final place Edit: this is under the assumption United stuff West Ham tomorrow