FA Cup Final: United v City


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Dec 15, 2016
C'mon United. Time for us to complete the treble.
I think we will give City a real good game. With coming midweek breaks, we should be much fresher. And hopefully Garnacho back.
Bricking it

They have a lot of games to -lay between now and then I’m hoping they’re fecked come June
We'll batter 'em.
Park the bus, take it to pens, clearly we good at it :wenger:
Hopefully Varane is back... We'll need to be at our very best. This is between the last game of the season and the CL final so hope we get them a bit distracted
Start by calling out decisions against us. We can't compete if we are not given fair chance.
We need to have top 4 sewn up to give our big hitters a lot of rest before this - if we can play with intensity, we can beat them.
Beat them already in January. A big opportunity to beat them in a final
I'm actually optimstic. We will have a week to prepare for this and hopefully we can rest players in our last league game. With Varane and Garnacho and a rested energized squad we can definitely give them a game.
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We're definite underdogs but feck it. Let's go United!
Just keep the scoreline respectable. Keep it 3 or less and it's fine.
Beat them already in January. A big opportunity to beat them in a final
I know we'll need the stars to all be aligned but I think we've got a decent chance. They'll still be favourites but it isn't as clean cut as some people are thinking. I hope...

Does anyone know if Varane or Martinez will be back?
I hope we shithouse our way to a win. Bring out the dark arts
Could be the penultimate game to them completing the treble. We will need great luck too
We'll be up for it. Keep it tight and take our chances. I think we eke out a narrow 2-1 win similar to the game at Old Trafford (both goals legitimate this time)

Fans will be behind the team too.

Players won't want to be next door to a treble winning team.



I wonder if City do reach the CL final, they might have their eye on that with it just being one week away? Trying their best not to get hurt/injured that will end up ruling them out of that game.
We got this. If not, the experience of playing a final against a strong team is much needed for the majority of the squad.
Problem with these is they’re the worst game raisers of the lot, but also miles better than us,
They are too good. Far too good. We need more luck just to stay in the game, hopefully win it with our only shot on target with the last kick of the game. That’s our only hope.
In our current form it’s a mismatch, but get top 4 secured early, rest some players and get back to that earlier season style of play with the high press and we are in with a good chance, it’s a one off. City have got CL games in addition to the same amount of league games as us. They also don’t have the luxury of only needing to win a couple of games in the league like us.