Is Casemiro Cooked?

Is Casemiro a washed up write off?

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He very well could be, but playing in a shite setup like we had last year wouldn't have helped, so I'm not 100% sure.
Case doesn't look as chubby as he looked last year

Makes me think, he still has got a year left in him
Just to add - you can’t build a “proper” midfield with him in it now. His presence makes it dysfunctional. This whole “put this guy in a …. team” is always an excuse for a player that’s not good enough.
Even if he isn't fully cooked - he should leave as our team is in a big rebuild stage and he just doesn't fit. Might as well save the money and get someone younger. He's not going to benefit us. Older players shouldn't really be held on to if you are rebuilding unless their wages reflect a mentorship/squad role, not as a key player.
His age and contract will name him difficult to sell ….maybe Saudi?
He's probably got more to offer than we saw last season, but the amount he's on is not worth keeping him around for.
Comfortably our worst regular starter last season when playing. Been terrible since the league cup win. We were lucky he wasnt involved in the FA cup final.
Hopefully he’s revitalised, seemed like every tackle was a last ditch slide last season because his legs have gone.
If we get a decent offer then I would sell because he did look way off the pace last year.

That said, without a respectable offer, I don't think we need to be offloading. I don't think his general attitude stinks (as far as I'm aware), and he is an experienced head to have around. The main thing is to not be reliant on him, so bringing in someone like Ugarte would help.
In terms of playing just in front of the defence, yes.

I want to see us sign Ugarte or Zubimendi and then Cas can rotate with Kobbie. He's a threat going forward and he's powerful in the air.

The experience that he brings to the club can help younger players, it's just about recognising what he can do rather that what he can't. We did exactly the same thing with Giggs and Scholes.

But yeah, absolutely keep a legend like Case and just find another role for him.
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He is still class. Last season he had bad season like everybody else but lets see him this season. I have faith in him.
We should accept Saudi money if it comes in but I still think he'll contribute if he stays.

Manage his minutes and give him less space to cover and he'll be fine. No defensive midfielder could cope with the gaps we had last season.
The man is a fantastic player but just like Pogba was for us, he is useless with useless players around him. With the likes of Kroos and Modric around him, he was given the onus to retrieve the ball and give it to them and he did that exceptionally. Kroos and Modric are beautiful midfielders who are highly capable of rotating within themselves and cover each other in case one has to drive forward with the ball. They were also excellent in moving the ball from side to side. Whereas when he moved to United, he had Bruno who has no pattern in his movement, he's everywhere on the pitch and no one knows which/who's place he's gonna take, Mainoo hadn't still come into the fold, Mctominay is Mctominay.. he's just weird. Somedays he's the star, and some other days he's invisible. I saw Casemiro doing the same routines over and over again at United, slide tackling like in the La Liga and getting yellow and red carded, sending those long passes towards the striker (which btw is a blind pass expecting the striker to make a move) which more often than not is useless. He started getting frustrated a lot. He didn't enjoy his time at United because we hardly have a system and to be brutally honest, we didn't really have a midfielder with a vision to create chances. Of course Bruno is there but he has ZERO discipline. He often says, I don't mind taking the blame if 4 of my 5 crosses are useless and that 1 gets us a goal. Tell you what Bruno, be normal and keep the ball.. the rest of the players came to play and create as well. You're not the only creator on this planet. Also, I said we didn't because we have Mainoo now. He's such a blessing for us and he's our Scholesy. I hope we can keep Casemiro because he's best when you have intelligent players around him. Pogba would've loved Mainoo. We should get Ugarte but we should keep Casemiro and play him more before we find a proper holding mid fielder in the future windows. I know Ugarte is good but we need Worldclass like when we bought Casemiro. We've been struggling since Carrick retired. I thought Matic would be a great addition and to be honest, his first year was pretty decent and then he legs went away. I think Casemiro can still give us a year or two, he's definitely world class but we need a team that needs to work intelligently and EtH has a lot on his hands for that to happen. We as fans have to be patient with him. Like EtH has already said it, we won't be winning the title immediately for sure. We just need to get 80+ points and win more than 25 games in the EPL. Get to the semis or win the Europa League. Definitely win another domestic title. This should be achievable given the assistant coaches and the hierarchy that is set up behind EtH.

He has an offer from a club in Saudi so I think whether he chooses to accept it or not will depend on how cooked he thinks he is. I have no doubt that he's aware of what happened to him last season. There's every possibility that it'll motivate him to come back stronger.
If we get a decent offer then I would sell because he did look way off the pace last year.

That said, without a respectable offer, I don't think we need to be offloading. I don't think his general attitude stinks (as far as I'm aware), and he is an experienced head to have around. The main thing is to not be reliant on him, so bringing in someone like Ugarte would help.

Questionable response to being benched for the FA Cup final. All of a sudden he has a tight hamstring and asks to be left out of the squad, then fecks off on holiday and skips the player celebrations.
Yes he looks charcoaled after last season and I hope someone can poach him for a decent price.
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I think he's done and for the sake of me keeping some good memories of him I hope he finds another club. In the long run I can forget one chaotic season, but I don't think I can handle one more season of watching him playing like a grandpa on holiday.
Am I the only one who thinks he played injured last season? His running wasn’t natural at all and reminded me of Evra’s last season under Ferguson - who did play injured for almost a full season. A back injury or a foot injury makes it nigh impossible to stretch out and get any top speed, which seemed to be his biggest issue last season. He was never fast, but he’s always been very fit.
Yes we need to hope he wants to go to Saudi and some club there wants him.
Hard to judge him given Hag's suicidal tactics. The entire team looked utter shite, both collectively and individually.
I think he is diminishing but might be able to still perform good in the right setup. Doesnt mean i would be against selling him for the right price. I wouldnt sell him just to get rid off him though.
Blatant short term solution with awkward end result. Worst part in this, his departure at some point could mean another phase of McTominay in deep midfield, which means another set of trouble and errors for upcoming season... as if this club can't have enough problems with basic organization of play.

Erase errors, or remain helpless for another year with players past their best, playing out of position, or injured for the 10th time.
I've probably been his biggest critic but, and I said this at the time, his performance in his last game of the season just gone against Brighton was the best I've ever seen him play for us despite playing out of position, so... I'd still cash in but I'm not totally writing him off if he stays either.

If he stays, two things need to happen. We need to play him in a system that covers his flaws. We can't leave him alone in midfield to cover the entire pitch out of possession, and we need him to realise that he's not a Scholes on the ball. Stop with the Hollywood balls and play it simple.
350k/week wages, complained that our tactics isn't like how he played in Madrid, refused to be on the bench for the FA Cup final, and showing obvious signs of decline OR he was deliberately trying to get ETH sacked last season.

He has to go, no questions about it.
I think he could do a job in a functional team but I voted sell as soon a suitable offer comes in, because I think he would be only a squad option and he is too expansive for that role.
Pretty much this. If there's any element of doubt over a player of Casemiro's age and salary, you're much better off selling while you still have the opportunity to recoup some money.

I don't think he was helped by the kamikaze system but it looks like he's declining as a player anyway.
Has he missed the Copa America because he isn't good enough for Brazil anymore or was it to do with his injury that prevented him appearing in the cup final?

Or has he retired from international football?

As already said in this thread, as a sitting midfielder he is still one of the best about (has he ever had 'legs') and if he plays that role, as Amrabat did in the cup final when we finally changed our tactics, then he will be an important player to us.

However, getting a large part of the fee that we paid back from Saudi would be the priority.
Finished his 1st season with us poorly. Carried it into last season. He's done and his wages are a hinderence. Get rid pronto.
I think he has had a shock being omitted from the Brazil squad this summer but a rest will have done him good and he has something to prove.
There is easily another year at least in him and I think (hope) hes going to be in beast mode!
He looked unfit and strolling last season. He seems to have come back fit. Main issue is that he lacks pace and he tries to compensate by anticipation and diving in to tackles because he cannot chase. Picks up a yellow card nearly every game.
Get money for him while we can, if he diminishes any further then we won’t be able to offload him for any money. If he accepted a new contract on half salary for 2 years then would be inclined to keep him for experience and cover.