Italian Serie A 2023/2024

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Beautiful goal from Dimarco. Have rarely seen a player becoming so good so fast out of seemingly nowhere like him. Might be my favourite in todays Inter.
This Napoli manager will be gone by christmas. Osimhen having a go at him when he was taken off.
Never going to be an easy job to replace a league winning manager but he doesn't seem up to it
There is a bit of a hangover from last season, they weren't great with a couple of months left but Garcia has failed to address any of the issues. This guy took off Kvaratshkelia off last week for Zerbin when they needed a goal :lol:

He also brings on Simeone too late, why not play two up front considering there's nothing working on the wings?
Its the second time the TikTok admin has made fun of Osimhen in the past two days. The first one was also bizarre as it was mocking him missing a penalty.
He should terminate his contract and join, oh let's say... Manchester United

There’s only one English club for Osimhen ;)

There’s only one English club for Osimhen ;)


Yep, all about timing though. You can’t always end up at the club you support. You have to take the opportunities that come your way. Shaw made a great career choice. He’s still first choice 10 years on.
Inter lose at home to Sassuolo, Milan win away and Napoli look back to their best against Udinese. Kvaratshkalia looked to have picked up form again.
Despite getting thrashed by inter, AC are now level on points.

Red and black cafe probably look silly after their meltdown
This Samardzic guy is special. Such a fun player to watch.

Could someone please post his goal against Napoli? I cannot embed images or media in my posts. Thanks.
I watched some Serie A matches. I think it will be the most balanced to decide the champion among the top 4 in Europe. Inter have the best team, but not much compared to Milan and Napoli.

Serie A has good goalkeepers, defenders and strikers. But the midfielders are far below compared to other top 4 leagues. There are none de Bruyne, Bruno Fernandes, Modric or Kimmich. Or to remember the past there is no pirlo, seedorf, kaka or totti. In addition to low block defenses, which has always been a characteristic of Italian football, there is a lack of creativity in the middle. This leaves some games very stuck and uncreative.
Inter look like they lack depth in the attacking positions, that was a pretty subdued second half against Sassuolo last evening following up the draw with Real Sociedad. I guess outside of Arnautovic they didnt have anyone else missing?

Having Sanchez as the first sub off the bench doesn't give a lot of confidence, probably need to start Frattesi as well.
Lautaro 4 goals as a substitute. The game was actually difficult before Lautaro came on.
Roma third kit is really nice i gotta say.
Big win for Mourinho. Still think he ends up going by January
I don't have access to live Serie A games any more (feck the splintering of streaming services) but I've been enjoying watching highlights of Fiorentina swashbuckling their way to greatness :smirk:
Bloody hell, now the other goalie is off for a second yellow for stopping Milan's counter :lol:
Comical. Both teams have their outfield player in goal.

Never mind, Genoa have brought on an actual keeper.
The Milan keeper went full Harald Schumacher on that tackle. Might get a nice suspension after that.
Fiorentina have started this game very well, not allowed the Napoli midfield any time on the ball
Stupid bit of work from the Fiorentina LB, they were doing so well, especially the midfield.

Osimhen scores, Napoli go level into HT
This has been a very good game. Fiorentina are very good this season, maybe not top 4 material due to depth but they can give a few teams a fright. @Yagami your boy is looking good again :p
3-1 Fiorentina.

Midfield masterclass from Arthur and Bonaventura tonight. Napoli just didnt play with any tempo
This has been a very good game. Fiorentina are very good this season, maybe not top 4 material due to depth but they can give a few teams a fright. @Yagami your boy is looking good again :p
Dude, I'm so glad Klopp had something against him. On the one hand, it's sad as it kinda turned him into a meme, but, on the other, it prevented Liverpool from playing one of the most press resistant midfielders in the world.

Lobotka is also a fave of mine so seeing them go toe-to-toe is always nice, which they've done before in La Liga.

I'm well aware of all of Arthur's flaws. I was probably the first to point them out on here when everyone was raving about him in his debut season for Barcelona. What he brings to a team in regards to press resistance completely outweighs those negatives for me, though. I'd take him over Casemiro everyday and that's blasphemy, I know. He is a carbon copy of de Jong, so I think ten Hag would've loved him (when fit!).
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