Would you take Conte at United?

Would you want Conte at United?

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Oct 25, 2020
Your statements bolded, my replies not.

1. Please provide some stats then...I've made a point and pointed out some things I think show we're actually not that different, we just take a bit more risk but play the same way. There's a whole separate thread on this if better to discuss there.

What, you haven't provided a meaningful basis for your argument, so now it's up to me to do the job you haven't? I might though, since it's actually an interesting question how they compare.

In any case however, the main point here is that if you argue the statistical performance is similar, then you are also saying that Mourinho's peak level is so bad that OGS should be fired for it. Also, if the team makes major strides next season, as you seem to expect, then obviously that would greatly outdo Mourinho, who managed the exact opposite. So, if we're already matching the (statistically) best season we've had since SAF, and you expect us to do better than that next season, why again was it we needed to sack the manager?

2. It would be this season 21/22 not next season. That's not taking into account the half season stint when he came in. Most Ole In people I have spoken to seem to agree this upcoming season is make or break for him.

You wrote "okay not to challenge after 3 seasons" which could reasonably be understood to mean you expected us to challenge in the 4th, but no problem, clarification taken. My answer to that is this season or next, but depending on the squad. Right now we're not there. Depending on this transfer window, we might be.

3. As said, you have to measure things somehow. Happy to use other metrics.

Why on earth would you use metrics in a deterministic way to answer a question like that? You can use stats to inform your assessment of where things are, but lots of other things play into it too.

4. You have to accept it's at least part of the puzzle. He's been backed heavily.

Yes, of course. But it's not the puzzle, and again you can't just use it deterministically, as if a given level of spending should produce a particular result.

7. what on earth are you saying here? Of course I am saying that, I've made it very clear and if you want to respond, that's the entire point of a forum where fans discuss their views on their football club. I do believe the club is managing expectations with the ongoing 'rebuild' narrative and you can agree/disagree or no care one jot...it's up to you.

Okay, you don't get it. Your problem, I'm afraid.

My point re Howe and Rose, who were random examples, surely was obvious? Neither are former players. If you are saying you would be happy with them and want them to stay had they joined and then done exactly as ole has done that's fine, it's your opinion and I disagree.

No, this is not a disagreement. This is you bringing in a pointless observation based on circular reasoning. In other words, you haven't made any sort of point.

re the Villarreal question - we have to at least try and measure performance based off various metrics. For a professional football team one of those metrics is trophies. The fact you have avoided answering twice now is a shame.

Sorry, but what you're doing here has nothing to do with "metrics". Metrics aren't drawing deterministic and bombastic conclusions about managers on the basis of a few simplistic indicators.


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Sep 5, 2002
Conte is a winner. He's basically a Roy Keane whose gifted as a manager. He won't be thrilled with being surrounded by mates a top 4 finish and no trophies. Conte will expect the club to financially back him and will kick a fuss and leave if he isn't.


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Oct 10, 2013
playa del carmen
Man won the league and finished at 91(!) points with Young, Sanchez and Lukaku at his disposal, the top three most rubbish players according to Caf. The possible damage is probably us having another, minified version of Jose playing pragmatic football who has a fetish for specific type of players. But if you look at this team you can see how pragmatic football actually fits them, they can't even control the midfield ffs. Results wise he will be an improvement over Ole no doubt but if it's about "United way" (minus the trophies) then nope, Ole is unbeatable in that aspect.
I think people would have said Jose guaranteed results too. Nothing is predictable.


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Oct 26, 2004

He almost guarantees a league title.

Cant believe people are saying no.
No, no.

We have a manager whose playing the team the United way. He just needs to be backed by the owners to build a good squad and then we could see how much potential Ole has.


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May 22, 2017

He‘s a proven winner and he‘d only sign for Utd if he was guaranteed a considerable transfer budget. Which is something Ole would not demand.


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Apr 28, 2019
Norn Iron
With these players and this current Board absolutely not. Match made in hell.

Given free reign to do whatever he wants and bring in whatever veteran he wants sure. Would've been great with the team Fergie left and the ridiculous dick swinging of Ed at the time.