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Hi mate, any updates on the fixture scheduling? United v Liverpool now on 17th, Liverpool v West Brom on 14th, replacing the City Game? Cheers
Thanks for the likes brother. I have 7 now but my posts are still seemingly limited to 5/day. What did I do wrong?
I don't remember the rules for posting privileges, but in any case, it can take up to an hour for a profile update to happen when you get your 10th like (i.e., promotion), so maybe it's the same for this?
Yes thanks, shows 10 now.
Lifelong (born 1954) - Sint-Truiden, Belgium based - véry passionate supporter of Man Utd. Ever since the glory Busby & Best days. Try to watch every game live. Attended several matches at the Theatre of Dreams. Enjoyed League Cup triumph 2017 át Wembley. Alike all of us desperate for new silverware
It Actually does, teams don't spend 30 million on an 18 year old that is only trusted to play 20 minutes (and when everyone else is injured so it's forced). The fact that he's only played 20 mins adds to my point. Name me another club or manager in the world that can spend 30 odd million on a player and play him for 20 minutes ?
Hi mate, has pocco been banned or on a sabbatical? If it's the latter, how long for? Cheers
Banned for 2 days
Thanks mate!
Ok so I call out one of your boys (Bruno) who is probably the biggest whiner or baby in the league at the same time the most gifted in the league. Yes Messi or Ronnie or the best of all Ronaldinho didn’t act like a hoo
What is your obsession with deleting posts, does make you feel important? Moderate on a forum, wow yeah you must feel high and mighty. Pathetic.
Really like your posts mate. Thoughtful and intelligent.
Cheers mate, same with your posts.
I look forward to conversing more...shame I can't say that about everyone, especially in the mains!
Know what you mean, it's quite heated on there at times. I make my posts then head back to the safety of the newbie section :(
Thanks for that, didn't think I'd ever get a like
I saw that, then had a look at your posts, and figured you were due some. :)
Much appreciated, thanks again :)
"Adds nothing to the discussion"
I disagree with that. The goal looked offside, even the BBC website thought so. I fail to see how my comment did not add to the discussion?
Red Devil, Beckham is my hero, Bruce Lee is my role model, love the game of soccer
Good Morning Jippy.
Would it be possible to delete my account please? The reason I am asking this is that I have nothing constructive to add here.
We can do that, but another alternative is that you could just change your password to something random, so you can't access it.
Nah, simply delete it please.
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