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No I don't believe gay people should be hated.

No I don't believe gay people should be discriminated against.

Most of your post was basically incorrect assumptions and just laughable ideas like "people are born atheist" which btw, is off-topic. If you want to push atheism, that's not the way to do it.

But your comment about choice is a fair one, and that's something I can address tomorrow when I'm allowed to.
You're actually asking great questions. But I only have a limit of 5 posts per day so I will hopefully respond tomorrow.
That's true yeah, sorry about that - I'm editing it out.
Thanks- appreciate it's an emotive topic, but obviously better if we can keep it civil.
That's alright - I completely agree yeah.

I can get carried away & lose sight of the bigger picture. The truth is, my debate opponents are fundamentally kind & loving people, which is why they want solidarity with gays etc. in the first place.

I do regret being harsh towards them.
Hi there.
Not sure if u are the right person to contact or if this is the right way to do it but I just registered (long long time lurker for over 10 years at least) and when I log on sometimes it is saying I have been banned, no idea why as I have only posted 9 times and not done anything wrong. Can you pls check for me pls mate
Looking at your account, there should be nothing wrong. If you could take a screenshot of the next time it happens (if it does) and upload it to an image hosting service and send it to me, I'll show the owner of the site and see if we can pinpoint the problem as it might be a more widespread thing.
OK thanks will keep an eye on it
Well, congratulations on a great run this season.

I'm hoping United can compete in a couple years. It's unbelievable how far Man Utd has fallen.
I gotta say reading the panicky threads on here is like reading the best Marvel Comic book ever but I think it’s time your team gets their shit together and join the rest of us.
I respect united and most of the posts that piss off the superfans are just in jest. Good luck with the new mgr
Really, Liverpool?
Yep born there. Moved to the states years ago. But a Red from Merseyside at heart.
Hi Damien,
I’m in with my old account.
please go ahead and delete the new one I created.

many thanks for all your help, much appreciated.
To be honest I can't even remember what my post was in the Rangnick thread, but it was rejected by you according to a notification. Is there a way for me to see what the post was and why it was rejected
Hello there.

I created a new account today after been lurking here for years. Since this account never made it out of the newbie zone I wanted to give it another try on a new account but it was for some reason rejected. So my question would be why?
It'll have been rejected because the admin who looked at the pending accounts would have noticed that you've got an existing one here and we don't allow multiple accounts. Post more on this one and I'm sure you'll have better progress as we've increased the number of posters in the "scouting system" over the past three or four years since you last posted
Hmm alright thanks.
Hi Damien,

Instead of a 'like' from joining the WW game, could I possible have my username changed to GreatDane instead.
My current username is annoyingly long, and as a newly Nakatomi Plaza survivor that surely not anything slightlyless about me.

Kind regards
Hi mate, I can't post in the general forum.
I don't know if that effects me being able to participate in the game.
Hey mate drop grib a pm regarding this. He should be able to sort out your access for the period of the game :)
Lemon Moon
Cheers mate
Hi Pal, is it a pair you might have for Chelsea or two singles? Im looking for a pair
Hey yes, il message

Just wondering if you’re able to fix the post resetting time? It should reset at 12am UK time, however it’s resetting at 1am due to the clocks changing. Cheers.
Carolina Red
I’ll see what can be done and will let you know
If you are interested in a ticket for tomorrow, I have one in the South Stand - top price seat face value £50 but I’ll take £40.
I’ve sorted a brief out now, but thanks for the offer
Brother, you live in Guadalajara?
I live in CDMX, why man
losangles United
I always see your posts and talk w
ith my frie d who is Mexican. I am in Guadalajara from last 3 weeks. I live in California.
Thank you for having validated me.
I come from Naples, but i'm a Red Devil.
Cannot post in the mains. But wanted to reply to you on your latest post in the F1 thread.

Wouldn't be surprised if Seb is missing the Middle East races on purpose to take a silent stance against the human rights violations. As well as a retort against the points deductions he had received last season for wearing the pride colors.
You may have a point, but I dont think Seb would do that, he would do the pride colours again and take the fine.
2020 & 2021 felt like two missing years where you couldnt do shit other than listening to your neighbor 80's hits whilst working fron home
Ref being poor no excuse, for the life of me can't understand sense of employing Ragnic. He needs dumping now and get a manager who knows how to get the most out of his players. Players look confused, couple of them should never wear the shirt again. But the major problem is the owners and the manager.