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The data in my post about the Man Utd financials are from 6/29/2022 Income Statement.
Have to write it here because as a Newbie I can only post 3 times.
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Makes sense, that isn’t the current wage. Lots of contracts expired at the end of June.
Hi mate, sorry to bother you I dint know who else to contact. Having massive issues with chrome for android. If I go on the site I have to delete cookies to view the next page I click on if that makes sense. Been happening for a few week now but I found a way around if, that's not working now either.
Other browsers seems fine
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I cannot log in with Chrome. It keeps saying This page is not working.
How long have you been getting the message for? And are you able to see the website on Chrome then you get that message on the login screen? What is the exact wording?
I can’t reply in the thread because I’m newbie with less than 50 posts.

But to answer your question about Mr Luckhurst:

Wasn‘t the statement of the report that Tim Cook was considering Apple to acquire Man Utd?

To me this is an assumption that can only be made reliably if someone has insight to internal sources at Apple.
Literally spamming my notes with literal abuse cos he just can't stand it that I'm betterer than him at life.
Apple won't spend 6-8 billion USD just to get the broadcasting rights for one football club.
How is it possible that so many participants in the discussion about Glazer successors believe that?
No idea. But it sure is a good thing you're around to keep things realistic. Nice job and carry on with that heavy burden.
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Haha. It’s truly a most insane burden especially as I am forced to spread my posts as comments on each user‘s profile because my contribution rights are limited to the newbies forum until I received enough likes.
How do you think an Apple acquisition of Manchester United would look like?
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Apple has absolutely no experience with leading a professional football or any sport club. Beyond that the money that they would have to spend for the acquisition is granted by the shareholders who invested in a globally leading tech / software company. If you were Apple CEO how would you explain the purchase of Manchester United for - lets say - 6 billion USD to your shareholders?
Investors don't need to have an experience in running something to invest. What they do is find someone who knows the business. As for explaining this to the shareholders, Apple has a lot of cash it's almost creating a problem, United is a good long term investment.
Doctor Thrax
1st: Apple is not an investment firm.
2nd: If you tell your shareholders that you bought Manchester United for billions of USD just because you consider the cash as a problem, your shareholders would probably not be too happy as you could have get rid of your excess cash by just paying it to them as dividends.

Seriously, i can see no possible way how to explain such a huge and risky investment to the shareholders.
But why would Apple have to buy Manchester United in order to broadcast the club's activities?
Doctor Thrax
But Apple could do that without having to spend 6-10 billion USD (including 750 Million alone to settle current liabilities and debts) in the first place, as well.
The exclusive right to stream every Major League Soccer match for the next 10 years on Apple TV cost Apple around $2.5 billion.

With which justification would they spend a multiple of this for the opportunity to broadcast the events of only one club?
Are you seriously comparing MLS with United? Come on now.

I'd take being able to stream United friendlies and pre-season over that. I think it can work but Apple won't go for it
Doctor Thrax
The Glazers were constantly criticized for not caring about Man Utd's sporting development enough.
And now the supporters dream of the club becoming a streaming event?

This club has absolutely nothing to offer for Apple.
Even the brand of Apple is bigger than the one of Manchester United.
Honourable Niall,

thank you for sending your message.

In case of further questions and of course also suggestions, I will be pleased to be at your disposal!

Warm Greetings from Germany

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Happy Birthday dear Yorke to Cole!
Hope you had a great day!
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Thank you. I would never have thought people would say that to me during a World Cup ( not that I agree it should be in Qatar). But there you go. At least we are losing the Glazers as owners.
I'm a little bit familiar with the capital market and I'd like to mention that Warren Buffett's Berkshire Hathaway holds 5.63% of Apple shares which makes them the 2nd most influential Apple shareholder after Vanguard Group. Anyone who knows about Buffett's investment philosophy will probably agree with my statement that it is unlikely for Berkshire to let this happen. But maybe I'm wrong. :wenger:
Thank you Cheimoon. The mod that newbies need, but don’t quite deserve lol! Have a great rest of the day.
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No one’s gonna know who saved an entire forum. They know … it was the Canadian Dark Scout.
What's the story behind your username? It's giving me something in between an epileptic seizure and eye cancer.
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You use the article "a" before words that start with a consonant soundand "an" before words that start with a vowel sound
If my name was ‘we need a boat’, you would be correct. As rvn isn’t a proper word, it is pronounced like a vowel and hence it’s we need an rvn.
the mods actually changed it as originally I had it down as a rvn before I got corrected by them
My mind is blown. I need time to process this. In the mean time, I'm sorry if I offended you.
We need an rvn
No worries - i didn't understand what you were getting at to start with other than given you seizures and cancer. Happy posting!
Hi! have you got tickets for west ham? I have 2 available including one 65+ ticket if that works for your dad? let me know!
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