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Thank you for the post's approval.

The mains forum are much more exciting compared to the newbies thread, so I tend to end up in the Mains forum and threads despite the limited posts and privileges I am allowed at this point.

Cheers :)
Hi, if available, could you change my username into 'Web of Bissaka' ?


Web of Bissaka
Proof of Vote: TheOne(Not Neo)
ok - should have pm'd me though - this is public lol. Not that folk will be looking.
Off, I can delete sorry, thought I went pm. Got so many tabs open lol
Hi, I am still a newbie, so I can't post. Yet thought I'd write you. There's already lots of vaccines underway, all in different stages. Some were already used on humans. I personally know of a German company that's already producing in masses, since they're confident it'll do fine in trials. for example, but honestly, just google it, there's lots of reports
Bread looks amazing! Not from Companio in Ancoats by any chance?

Didn't want to ask on the public forum as I don't want them to be overwhelmed by panic buyers/hoarders...
Yes it is! I live in the apartments next to it. Difficult to catch it when it’s open. I think the bread is better form there than pollen on the canal.
Thought so. Pollen and Trove are good, but Companio is outstanding. Might make a special trip tomorrow morning.

In happier times, Cask is great also.
Do you have coronavirus yet?
I’m sure we all will.

She was off work with a bit of a temperature today and is now coughing a lot, so may only be days away for me if she’s got it
Good news @nimic i think I’ve had it/got it. Not been that bad though, really achey for a couple of days and now I’ve just got bit of a cough and lost my sense of taste
Sounds like you definitely had it!
Alright mate! What you doing in IBK? We should catch a game together sometime!
Doin ok - actually living in Hamburg at the moment but swing by every two weeks for work here
Would be mint catching a game together. I normally stay Monday but through Friday so would be a mid week game
Sounds good! Ahh, I lived in Hamburg last year...have you been to a Pauli game yet?
Hey mate, can you do me a favor and like one of my messages! I desperately want to get to the next level :-)
thanks for all your gifs man. I'm at work often and your posts are my only source of matches. for years too, fair play to you
How you doing mate? Listen to the Caf...we're here to help.

Good luck.
Makes ad hominem insulting posts without rational argument, doesn't offer any quality posts and acts like a troll.
Are you going to vote for Buttigieg if he's the nominee? Asking for a friend.