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No problem the post was rejected but i thought it was relevant comedy wise given Wenger always complaining about bad tackles. Mike
Finally, an informative view of the game from the perspective of someone who was at OT. I agree wholeheartedly with your comments. Would you agree that our basic weak-point is our lack of pysical presence in Midfield when defending?
Comparing solskjaer and woodward to one of the greatest comic movie? Why is it wind up?
You rejected my post saying that it adds nothing to the discussion but yet there are many post containing only emoji which apparently by your opinion add more.If it's possible please explain!
You rejected my post stating it adds nothing to the thread. It's very relevant that the dad, who was injured, of the player was seeking founds from united.
Would it be possible to have my account deleted please ? I have spoken to another staff member about this recently.
I can ban your account but to have it deleted, you need to use the 'Contact Us' form at the bottom of the site and submit your request there formally.
"I'm scared if I stop all at once, the cumulative hangover will literally kill me"
Thanks, but Quora's just a forum where everyone can comment and up/downvote an answer. It might be good for cooking-questions, etc, but I'll trust credible journalism more.
Been silenced for voting Tory. Long as you follow the party line you can post what you want.
Thanks for the squad update. Enjoy the game cause I know I will, love seeing all the young players tonight on the field.
You just rejected my comment based on not adding anything to the discussion? Are you serious? Go read the thread and see who I was answering to. the dude made 6 or 7 comments ridiculing the post and my comment is the one that "does not add anything to the discussion"??? Yeah, his comments were god sent. No Salam alaikom to you buddy.
Today Mauricio Pocchetino was sacked. Please return from the abyss and fill redcafe with content. You can use the gravity of your tears to type the words on your laptop keyboard. Yours sincerely, 2015
Asked to take a break from the “Haaland Propaganda thread“. Because snowflakes can’t handle the truth..
Asked to take a break from the “Halaand Propaganda Thread” as the snowflakes there CANT HANDLE THE TRUTH