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  1. Fred | 2021/22 Performances

    I am of two minds about Fred. On the one hand, he works his but off for the team and is all over the pitch. He is great at recovering the ball and pressing. He will not hesitate to put his body on the line. He can also provide some good passes when we’re attacking. I don’t think we have...
  2. Who you rate the highest Pep, Klopp or Tuchel?

    while we do have great spending power, it’s limited to maybe one or at most two players a year. There seems to be some prudence to our spending, otherwise Mou would have bought Maguire when he wanted him, and he would not have been fussing about lack of spending. City regularly spend £50-£60m...
  3. Who you rate the highest Pep, Klopp or Tuchel?

    If you have a huge budget, Pep. But if you aren’t backed by a sovereign country, and have to develop players, buy smartly, like any well managed club, it’s gotta be Klopp.
  4. Ole Sack Watch

    maybe insane. But I remember Moyes’ time at United. It was one blunder after another, non-stop. I knew he was NGMI before his first pre-season was over. Maybe he has had more achievements than Ole in his long career, but he is destined to be a mid-table managet at best, struggling for a...
  5. Ole Sack Watch

    He’ll be gone soon enough, and deservedly so. But remember he is a club legend and always will be. He has done all he could, and many fans would say he is leaving us with a better team than after either LVG or Mourinho left us.
  6. Ole Sack Watch

    Nah. Look at David Moyes, currently has West Ham sitting at number 3. Despite the horrible season we are having, I still rate Ole higher than Moyes. Neither is good enough for United and struggle with tactics.
  7. Manchester United vs Manchester City

    Ole is a nice guy, even Pep doesn’t want to humiliate him.
  8. Ole Sack Watch

    If the United board won’t take action I would expect CR7 to publicly state Ole needs to go. He has the mentality of a winner, and won’t want this situation to continue wasting his last few years.
  9. Ole Sack Watch

    He doesn’t deserve to be managing CR7.
  10. Ole Gunnar Solskjær | 2021/22 Discussion

    My wife rarely watches a game, but she is of the opinion that Ole, having signed a 3 year contact, may want to get fired to receive a large termination payoff. I think my wife may be on to something, follow the money.
  11. Paul Scholes: Give Ole Until The End Of The Season

    Scholes (also Neville and Ferdinand) can really be harsh in their assessments of some players. But don’t they realize the most important component of the team is the manager? Without a good manager it’s very easy to lose a season before it’s even started. That’s what we are seeing play out.
  12. Maguire needs to be replaced

    If Maguire is to be replaced as captain, the one ne who appointed him captain will need to go. Can’t have one without the other.
  13. Next permanent manager | Poll updated

    Marcelo Bielsa. At least it will be entertaining.