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  1. Ajax vs Manchester United

    Actually i hope not then the game should be ended in the first 90 minutes. The only 2 matches Mou lost (/14 finals) is also the ones that Mou-teams had to go to AET times. Plus Mou-teams's penalty record is simply bad (lost 6/7 penalty throughout his career). So this crucial game should never be...
  2. Mind games or a mini meltdown?

    Stay calm. He just have a sweet revenge for his beloved brother Aitor, a little excitement is acceptable
  3. Caption Contest: Fecks and the City

    "Should have spent your money on Bailly ffs"
  4. Scoring goals is the most important thing

    We should seriously consider signing this striker
  5. Top 4 race 2016/17

    Somehow in the end Spurs will be out of the race. Dont think Pocchetino could handle pressure which will become much more heavier when April and May come. Last year they were left behind by Arsenal dispite of owning a very safe gap. This year their performances in Europe were simply poor. Spurs...
  6. So fast, greatly appreciated bro

    So fast, greatly appreciated bro
  7. Hi, sorry bothering you Could you please remove my "Support" row? And how do I change my title...

    Hi, sorry bothering you Could you please remove my "Support" row? And how do I change my title from "Full Member" to others, if okay could you please change it to "T A"? Many thanks
  8. Manchester United vs Southampton (EFL Final)

    May be there are 6 changes: Romero -> DG Young -> Valencia Blind -> Rojo Carrick -> Herrera Fellaini -> Rashford/Rooney (possibly Rashford) Mkhi -> Martial
  9. Potential End of Season Fixtures

    Our fixture seems a little bit congested but for sure Jose will have no problem coping with it. If there is someone born to deal with this kind of stuff, it must be him. Many times throughout his career, Jose has proved it by many many fantastic achievements including two times treble (the...
  10. End of season excitement

    Very promising
  11. FC Barcelona 2016/2017

    He didnt play in the same position he has at Brazil national team you know. That period of time he won Rio 2016 Olympic at the team where he is a centre, a leader with all satellites around him instead of having to play widely as a LW serving main man Lionel. Also Hazard played shite last...
  12. FC Barcelona 2016/2017

    Barca gonna bounce back soon or later. They still have Neymar, probably 1 of 4 best attacking players in the world alongside Bale - Hazard - Griezmann after Ronaldo-Messi's reign, thing gonna change quickly once Barca and Messi allow him to be a main man with all satellites around him. Then...
  13. FC Barcelona 2016/2017

    Dont think Pep gonna leave City too soon hence Xavi will be a proper candidate
  14. Edinson Cavani

    What a goal, vision, movement, pace, decisiveness, shot power, accuracy, passionate celebration, every best qualities a striker could own all show in one goal