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  1. NBA Thread 2013-2014

    Incredible how bad they've been. I might actually be surprised if they get past the 1st round let alone Miami in the conference finals
  2. NBA Thread 2013-2014

  3. NBA Thread 2013-2014

    Indiana will end the San Antonio's streak tonight!
  4. March madness 2014

    Excuse my ignorance but what's a bracket? Only started watching ball in the last couple of years
  5. NBA Thread 2013-2014

    Blake the best PF in the game right now?
  6. Moyes: "There's no budget" | Moyes told that he can spend as much as he likes

    "First signing is the right one." :drool:
  7. NBA Thread 2013-2014

    Iguadola to GS as well. Great move! Curry Thompson Iggy Barnes/Lee Bogut is a tasty looking lineup.
  8. NBA Thread 2013-2014

    feck me this Doc Rivers+KG on again off again story is getting tiresome!
  9. Nba 2012-13

    It's a bad deal if Bledsoe is included, but great otherwise because Pierce would also probably follow. Offload Bledsoe for someone like Afflalo and that's a pretty impressive starting 5. There are even rumours of a Griffin+Bledsoe trade for Dwight! Clips seem determined to make a championship...
  10. Nba 2012-13

    Great game! It'll be a real disappointment if this series doesn't at least go to game 6. How clutch was that from TP though? I also thought Lebron was really disappointing despite the triple double. Spurs set out to make him pass or hit jump shots and he did exactly what they wanted. He needs to...
  11. Nba 2012-13

    There's always a stretch in a game where Steph Curry is just unstoppable
  12. Nba 2012-13

  13. J Cole!

    fixed Power trip is sick
  14. Cüneyt Çakır

    Yeah my mistake
  15. Cüneyt Çakır

    This is the same referee that refereed Portugal vs Spain at the Euros. Portugal complained about his selection before the game due to a perceived bias they felt he held towards Spain due to a close friendship with the head of the Spanish FA or someone. Apparently he's also the linesman who...