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Based Adnan

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Aug 4, 2014
The things I'd think goalkeepers improve with age are presence and reading of the game, while the agility and reflexes should decline with age. He has never looked like improving the former and the latter are showing signs of decline, at least he's not pulling off many worldies anymore.
With presence if a keeper has lacked that all of his career it's very rare for them to pick it up suddenly late in their career to compensate for their decline in other areas.

The best keepers that played till late already had an extremely high level of basic GK fundamentals so when the agility and reflexes decline, the rest of their goalkeeping still stays at a high level. Van Der Sar and Buffon are probably the two standout examples of this. De Gea has never been that guy though. He was world class and arguably the best in the world in big part thanks to his reflexes which were uncontested in football however, just like pace for outfield players, reflexes is the first port of decline for GKs. This isn't something specific to De Gea either. Infact i'd say more GKs fall into this category than the former.


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Apr 24, 2002
Manchester Utd never lose, just run out of time

I'd say there are more than 2 going on the footage.
Not really. Most of those I would expect any good keeper to save.

The two that I was talking about would have been the save from Wilson against Newcastle and Kurzawa against PSG. I would probably expect to concede those most of the time. The save against Mbappe and the reactions for Konate's header were fairly good as well, but I wouldn't class them as incredible. All the others would have been poor goalkeeping to concede from.