Internationals March (Euro Qualifiers)

Who the feck was that singing our anthem …..Ethel from ground floor cleaning?
What the feck, this is even worse :lol:

Makes me think of the, Look how they butchered my boy scene from the Godfather.
That Italian anthem sounded like a Eurovision spoof.
She’s well and truly fecked her big moment up hasn’t she. I almost feel offended.
Italy have one of my favourite anthems, I prefer the classic rendition but that was quite good I thought
That was a really strange version of the national anthem there. They should know better than to let the singer sing in the future while the orchestra plays in the present...
You alright lad? You are aware other countries exist, yeah?
Giving yourself away. We keep telling you lot, Liverpool isn't its own country. :lol:
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Phillips has given the ball away 3 times in the opening 5 minutes.
Also wtf was up with that Italy anthem. I had hoped that style of music died in 2004.
Add Saka to the list of players who play well for club and shite for country.

Also I'm hating this ref already
Rashford withdrew.

Shaw complained about fatigue after Fulham then immediately left to play for England.
That’s absolutely fine. From most players‘ point of view if they can play with injuries or fatigue for their club, then they can also play for their country.
How is that a foul? Literally no one near the keeper who punches the ball, falls to the ground and gets a free kick.