Internationals March (Euro Qualifiers)

Tierney v Carvajal there.... :lol:

Tierney would be a good pick up for many teams in europe, very good finish by McTominay aswell.
Big chance to equalize, first time Wolf has looked like a good footballer. Too bad Gnabry has another off night and misses again.
This is brilliant. Imagine McTominay on the scope of a hat trick v Spain
Another good chance to equalize. We have looked much, much better in the beginning of this second half, although not a lot was needed for that.

And Werner scores, but, you know...
I am just stating that he has been missing 6 or 7 qualifiers in a row now - but if he misses the game during the weekend - I will be wrong so

Haaland is 100% playing this weekend. :lol: Not that City need him, we're dog shit on Saturday lunch time kick offs. But he's definitely playing!
Raul, Torres, Villa, Morientes, Diego Costa

Theres not a striker in the current Spain squad that is even remotely close to the above. What the hell happened ?? Did every young player want to be a midfielder because of the Xavi/Iniesta years instead?
The equalizer would be deserved by now, which means Belgium will score next
If experience has taught me anything, if Scotland beat Spain tonight, we're bound to get absolutely slaughtered by Georgia.

It's the hope that kills you.
Absolutely love how the Spanish are so upset at Scotland players rolling around.

Reap what you sow señor.
You know international football is in the mud when we are one of the best teams around - with Southgate as our supreme leader.
The shithousing from Scotland is hilarious, like master and apprentice in that regard tonight
As an the hell are Kazahkstan in the Euro How?
Aaaaah, Ganbry so unlucky tonight, that was pretty brilliant apart from only hitting the post