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  1. Chelsea 2020/21 - General discussion

    We sat on our hands for too long and didn't sign genuine competition for most of our team. It seems, hopefully, the club is realising it now. They have made some poor signings, especially in Jose's second stint and Conte's second season, including Barkley, Dijilogy or whatever his name is...
  2. Messi's next club: place your bets!

    I doubt Juve can afford him, but how great would it be to see him play alongside Ronaldo? :drool:
  3. Champions League Knockouts (12 Aug - 23rd Aug)

    This game and Atletico/Leipzig game are both such a come down after last night's game. :boring:
  4. Champions League Knockouts (12 Aug - 23rd Aug)

    The first 10 mins of this game have been better than the whole 90 mins of last night's game. Scrap that, the first 2 mins haha.
  5. Champions League Knockouts (12 Aug - 23rd Aug)

    Bayern are so good. That coach of theirs is pretty good isn't he.
  6. Christian Pulisic | Chelsea player

    American mindset. Honestly, he seems to be quietly confident in his abilities. He's not an outspoken yank, but you can see he has that bite to him. He came back after the long time out due to injury, then was on fire immediately like he had a point to prove. Lampard definitely lit something...
  7. Frank Lampard | Former Chelsea manager

    We have needed to be more clinical for a long time. We are still not clinical enough imo, and we also lack creativity. This is where Ziyech, Werner and Havertz would sort that out. Sure, the defence needs upgrading, but Tomori and Zouma are arguably our best defenders. James is still maturing...
  8. Top 4 Race 19/20 | duffer: "We [Chelsea] are getting 3rd. Despite what the lunatics in here think, Man United are not all that."

    I don't know about other Chelsea fans, but I would rather Utd beat Leicester and take the top four spot if it gives us a chance at getting top four, even if it means Utd end up finishing 3rd.
  9. Barcelona in crisis after six directors resign in protest at way club is run

    It feels like Barcelona have made poor signings and wasted a lot of money. From being a club who signed the likes of Henry, Fabregas, Villa, Suarez, Neymar to signing the likes of Dembele, Turan, Coutinho, Gomes. Poor recruitment along with over reliance on an aging and expensive Messi is a...
  10. Will dippers throw the game vs Chelsea?

    We seem to do well vs Liverpool and have a pretty decent head to head. Our players need to be motivated and fight for it though.
  11. Premier League Gameweek 35-37 + FA Cup semis

    Doesn't matter anyway. We are going to beat Liverpool on Sat to cement our place in CL. ;)
  12. Frank Lampard's Sack Watch / Sacked

    I do think there is something to be said about fatigue last night. Bayern are one of the favourites for the CL, and we are facing them after a tough run in the PL. They played a bottom of the league side on Friday. We played Tottenham, a London derby, on Saturday at midday. The game against...
  13. Frank Lampard's Sack Watch / Sacked

    Difference is, a few of your players have already been in the PL for a season or more, or played with Utd for a period of time. For guys like James, Abraham, Mount, Tomori, Pulisic, it's their first season at this level, coming up from the championship.
  14. Premier League Gameweek 10

    Watch us lose to you next week haha, would be typical :lol: