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  1. Welcome to on XenForo!

    does anyone know how I set-up this site so it takes me directly to the last post in a thread, for some reason I seem to always go to page three on any thread I click on.
  2. Tapatalk?

    make it tapatalk friendly or I'm gonna smash this place up!!
  3. Welcome to on XenForo!

    Will it support tapatalk?
  4. What are your Expectations for Next Season?

    A good start would be lovely.
  5. FAO CE Swedes

    and yes, some citizens did take to the streets, it was the parents of the kids that were torching cars, funnily enough the riots stopped soon after.
  6. FAO CE Swedes

    the riots have been a little overblown in the press, the first night was actually some people trying to make some kind of point , the next few nights was just kids setting cars on fire.
  7. Porto know how to make a few quid.

    I was reading another forum this afternoon when I stumbled across a thread about Porto and their transfer dealings, if these stats are to be believed then they really know how to get the most out of their sales. absolutely incredible!!
  8. If you were manager of Manchester United...

    after I'd called cider a cnut I'd go and buy a sheepskin coat.
  9. If you were manager of Manchester United...

    I'd sign up to the Caf and call you a cnut.
  10. Fergies 99 signings

    how Schmeichel didn't score a 10 is beyond me.
  11. Fergies 99 signings

    Do you agree with the M.E.N's assessment scores of the 99 players Fergie signed for Manchester United?
  12. Trophy Parade.

    dunno if this has been posted, but either way it's worth seeing again.......
  13. The Glazers 2013

    I think we'll find out just how good or bad they are over the next year or two.
  14. Wayne Rooney | 2012-14 Performances

    my sentiments exactly, how people can call him a cnut after 9 years and loads of great memories with our club is beyond me, fair play if he feels it's time to move on.
  15. Moyes To Succeed Ferguson Anyone?

    tbf to Moyes he has won the league with Preston.