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  1. Rugby World Cup 2019 aka Squishy McSquish goes into a meltdown thread

    'Epic bottle job'? We had our captain sent off after 20 mins and still outplayed them. What a load of rubbish. Anyway, phenomenal first half here. Excelled everywhere bar the set piece. Not over though. Next score is huge.
  2. The RedCafe Boxing Thread

    A river would be massively appreciated!
  3. Rugby 2018 Discussion

    Well the idea is that you play at a 'neutral' venue in your home country, so if Saracens had won it would have been at the Ricoh. It feels little skewed that this 'neutral' game is at a stadium where they've played a handful of 'home' games already this year, and will outnumber our fans by 10 to...
  4. Rugby 2018 Discussion

    Lifelong Scarlets fan, heading out to Dublin first thing tomorrow. Feel slightly aggrieved to be playing what is essentially a home game for Leinster, but the last couple of years have been incredible for the club, so can't be anything but thrilled to be back on the big stage.
  5. LCD Soundsystem

    Great record. Wasn't expecting it to sound so vital
  6. What could have beens.....but weren't

    In Fergie's first autobiography I seem to remember him listing a load of players who could have been sealed but Martin Edwards refused to sanction. Peak Kluivert and Ortega are two names which stood out.
  7. The trojan horse Mourinho - in depth analysis

    Not being funny, but in all seriousness, WHAT THE feck WAS THAT CONTRIBUTE MORE BULLSHIT?? :eek:
  8. Music Run The Jewels | RTJ4 out now - released early

    They are phenomenal live
  9. QF2: Wales vs Belgium

    Breathless, brilliant football. So proud to be welsh tonight, which I haven't really been able to say over the last week or so
  10. Game 28: Russia vs Wales

    Can't believe it. What an achievement. Best Welsh performance of my lifetime, even better than the Italy game.
  11. Film Horror Films

    @a_devil_inside Afraid not lads, but thanks
  12. Film Horror Films

    Hello, I've been looking for you. I also watch a pretty ludicrous amount of horror films, good and bad, to the extent that they all begin to blur together. I watched on a year or two ago, and I've tried to find it again but to no avail. It's British, possibly Scottish or Irish, and all set in...
  13. Depressing Statistics

    Would be intrigued to know the stats of shots on target this season, particularly at home
  14. Memphis Depay | 2015/16 Performances

    Some of the stuff in this thread is as laughable as it gets. He's 21 and it's October of his first season. He's obviously got stacks of ability. Wind your fecking necks in.