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  1. Eikrem...

    I'm not sure Nick, but I think so. Eirik Raude, according the Norwegian FA they are going to play South-Korea, but this country is the only one that is yet to be confirmed.
  2. Eikrem...

    It's a friendly tournament in Thailand, Kings-cup I think. Its 15th to 22nd of January. Norway are probebly gonna play Thailand og Denmark, South-Korea. The Norwegian squad is based on players playing in Norway, Sweden and Denmark.
  3. Academy v Sunderland 1.30pm

    MRMUJAC is calling him Rudge on his Twitter, you might be right
  4. Who are Manchester United's five new Brazilian signings?

    I think your right here Mitch, I don't think a player need Work Permit to play U18 and reserves, but I'm not sure. Will be interesting to see what he can do here.
  5. John Cofie - Where art thou?

    Will Keane was back to full training yesterday acording to his twitter. Hopefully he'll be ready for the FAYC semi
  6. International Call-ups 09/10

    Mats MD are in Norway U16 squad for a doublematch vs Czech Republic April 5th and 7th
  7. International Call-ups 09/10

    Quite suprising, Josh King has been left out of the Norway U21 yet again... He is good enough to train with the senior United-team, and to be on the bench, but not good enough to be in the U21 squad for Norway?! Magnus by the way have been in both squads after returning to Norway and Molde...
  8. Manchester United v Crawley Town

    Just unbelivebly that both Bebe and Obertan has been given so much chances and a player like King hasn't. To bad that we have not been able to kill the match and let some of the kids have a run...
  9. New crop of norwegians on trail

    Sondre Rossbach (15) are traveling to Manchester to have a trial with United. This is the 3rd time he's over in manchester training with United. He is the son of former Norwegian Nationalteam goalkeeper Einar Rossbach. The last time he was over in Manchester, he was supposed to play a...
  10. Champions League Squad

    King included in the CL squad, B-listed, but still included, but not called up for Norways U21 squad, not even the U19, quite stunning! Eikrem has been called for the U21 for only his second time I think.
  11. New crop of norwegians on trail

    Mats are traveling to Manchester to join up with United today. Will be interesting to see if he get played in the U18 from the start, or if he starts with the U16 first.
  12. Official: Anders Lindegaard signs for United

    WOW, namedropping my old teacher and legend Helge Nøstdahl, impressing:lol: Kråmyra was something special... The stadium's record attendance was recorded in 2003, when 9,667 spectators watched the match vs Molde FK. It was quite a nerve wracking experience to clinch hold on to the few...
  13. New crop of norwegians on trail

    Yes, the crop is shrinking... To bad Etzaz wanted home, I would have hoped that he had some more patient, fighting for a place in the reserves. He had a bright start for the U18s when he came over. Interesting to hear the Vaalerenga Manager saying that Etzaz will not be stright in the first...
  14. Reserves vs Bury (MSC)

    stevebartram1 Steve Bartram Lindegaard has had two shots to face and has handled them cleanly. Lots of talking, good on crosses, good distribution. stevebartram1 Steve Bartram Bury's Carlton cracks a decent effort towards the top corner from edge of the box, Lindegaard catches it...
  15. Official: Anders Lindegaard signs for United

    Anders Lindegaard are joining United tomorrow December 14th. It will be great for AL to join up with the squad for almost 3 weeks before official joining January 1st.