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  1. Jürgen Klopp Watch

    Post match interview
  2. Jadon Sancho| Staying at Dortmund for now

    If this happens we should make October 5th an annual holiday. Cinco de Sancho?
  3. Countries that ‘stopped’ producing top players...

    That's quite a big drop in my opinion. Not to mention players like Nedved and Chech, or other good-but-not-greats like Grygera, Jankulowski or even Koller. They used to have players in all the big leagues, and be a team to look out for come the Euros. In comparison they now have Soucek, and I've...
  4. Countries that ‘stopped’ producing top players...

    Cameroon and Czech Republic for me. I have always loved watching Cameroon and Senegal at World Cups. Where Senegal still has players like Mane and Koulibaly, Cameroon hasn't produced anyone I've been excited about for ages.
  5. Pick your united flop 11

    This is based on my expectations when signing them. My XI I feel bad for including Blind, because he was decent in 3 positions. Was sure he would do much better for us than he did at LB, especially after the World Cup he had. Couldn't fit Di Maria, so honorouble mention for him. Louis Van Gaal...
  6. Which striker should we sign this summer?

    You are probably right, but a boy can dream :wenger:
  7. Which striker should we sign this summer?

    I have no idea if we got the finances, but my dream is to see Ronaldo in red for 3-4 more years. Only has 2 years left on his contract this summer. I know he's old and a lot of fans feel the last chance for this was when he went to Juventus, but with the lack of good options he could be a...
  8. What is the greatest football anthem?

    This is up there for me, but I'm biased of course.
  9. What next for Gareth Bale?

    I can think of one :nervous:
  10. Scorers of great goals

    Asensio is the first guy that comes to mind. According to WhoScored he has only netted 21 in his career, but his top 10 will rival anyones.
  11. Post match vs Southampton

    First one to celebrate with Pereira for the equalizer aswell. No doubt he's been bad, but going about it the right way, wich makes me confident he will turn it around.
  12. Ole Gunnar Solskjaer | W15 D2 L4

    I'm not gonna say hiring him is a no-brainer (all though it is). But I can't for the life of me understand people who thinks the PSG game showed a chink in the armour of OGS. The same people who were willing to give Mourinho 'one more summer' having problems with giving Solskjær one more? No...