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  1. Ligue 1 2020-2021

    This wasn't a very good game. Rafael sent off last minute but no consequence. Now the PKs :nervous:
  2. New Kits 20/21

  3. Starsign Football Squads

    Forwarding the question to Domenech right now.
  4. Transfer Tweets - 2019/20 | Check the OP for blacklisted sources before posting

    Yes, corporate tax is one of the few taxes existing in Monaco.
  5. Create a Team Thread #2 - Transfmarket under 250M - Win the Europa League

    Navas (10m) Pereira (40) Ramos (18) T.Silva (6) Bernat (20) Sarabia (35) Fernandinho (10) Modric (15) Di Maria (40) Illicic (22) Cavani (25) Total €241m Europa league ? This team is built for CL.
  6. Wowzers! Gignac’s goals in Mexico are something else

    He's always been a pretty good player and his time in France is underrated whatever those who only watched him a couple times think. He has himself to blame for putting too much weight at times. He seems fitter in the Mexico footage than he used to.
  7. UEFA meeting Tue 17th March

    Seems logical after Juve and Real get quarantined. It's that or the last team not to get infected and forced to forfeit wins the trophy.
  8. Champions League Round of 16 (18th Feb - 8th Aug)

    Not to mention the whole "I'm so disappointed with my performance in the first leg." act.
  9. Champions League Round of 16 (18th Feb - 8th Aug)

    It's just banter. Haaland has been trolling on social media and in general since the first leg. You give some you get some.
  10. Ronaldinho: the greatest entertainer...

    He's officially broke, that's the source of his problems with Brazilian justice. He still has generous sponsors though and may have quite a bit of cash hidden somewhere.
  11. Champions League Round of 16 (18th Feb - 8th Aug)

    The situation isn't going to get better anytime soon. If they cancel games now they might as well cancel the CL.
  12. Tanguy Ndombele | Spurs player

    His attitude was also criticised at Lyon. He often showed up in big games but didn't look arsed against smaller opposition.
  13. Champions League Round of 16 (18th Feb - 8th Aug)

    There's a very intentional foul with his left hand pulling the attacker's right shoulder. It's amazing how most people are missing it. Without it there would be plausible deniability but there isn't.