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  1. Altered Carbon

  2. Wuhan / Covid-19 Virus.

    Italian feckers did the same after that Icelandic volcano went up. They tripled the price of food and water.
  3. Champions League Round of 16 (18th Feb - 18th Mar)

    Liverpool are winning this again.
  4. Your Favourite Movie Posters Thread

    Some of the first DVD files available online were subtitled by me. I transfered the old VHS subtitles onto the Japanese disks that didn't have any.
  5. Manchester United vs Watford

    "We'll be 5th by 4 o'clock."
  6. Manchester City banned from CL for 2 seasons and fined 30 million euros

    Are any of these tweets actually true? It's got to the point where I believe nothing I read anymore.
  7. Phil Foden - What Is His Potential?

    He might get playing time if there is an exodus.
  8. Spurs officially departed tonight

    He's a pretty boy.
  9. Celtic and Rangers

    How many gays did they take?
  10. The 'Manchester Is Blue' Thread

    They only started in 1970 and there was little competition. I bet most on here couldn't name another club from Paris.
  11. 1917

    I'm going to see this on Sunday with 4 nice women in a luxury cinema where you can drink beer.
  12. The 'Manchester Is Blue' Thread

    I think similar to Everton, Spurs, Newcastle and Villa. They were worse than those teams but still got high attendances for their level of shitness.
  13. The 'Manchester Is Blue' Thread

    They always had a pretty big fanbase but not big enough to fill a huge stadium. I wonder if some of the older fans have dumped them because of the owners.