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  1. Javier Hernandez | 2012/13 Performances

    Yeah, bodes really well for him becoming a starter next season Shows the type of lad he is. He's seen RVP arrive and Welbeck come through, and he's knuckled down and set about greatly improving the weaker parts of his game.
  2. Gareth Bale is...The most expensive player ever?!

    Easier said than done. You don't know when he's going to move and he's fast as feck.
  3. Motd 2012/2013

    It sounded hilarious in a Spanish accent
  4. Sir Alex Ferguson has retired

  5. Songs for David Moyes

    The problem is it doesn't really make sense. You want Moyes' boys to play like Fergie's boys. Or Moyes to manage like Fergie. But not Moyes to play like Fergie's boys. I hate sloppy chants, cos it's such a beautiful thing when when they're tight. That said, I thought they were singing, "Come...
  6. United in this Summer transfer window

    Why is everyone on about signing Fellaini?
  7. Wayne Rooney | 2012-14 Performances

    I meant 9/10. The year after Ronnie left. And no he didn't spend half the season in America.
  8. Wayne Rooney | 2012-14 Performances

    He has absolutely been the 'heartbeat of the team' for several of the seasons he's been here. It's pretty obvious what it means. Around the mid-naughties he carried us for a season or two, and he gave us much of our oomph in 10/11.
  9. There was something fitting about that

    The scoreline is not 'sad'! It was fecking five all! Not at all true. Losing four one would not have been at all fitting, and not would winning 1-0.
  10. There was something fitting about that

    The inability to win the easy way. Yeah it lacked the somehow winning anyway aspect, but the living dangerously was there.
  11. There was something fitting about that

    I thought Evans was class until he got injured, with the exception of that pass to Buttner that lead to the goal, which was a bit too risky.
  12. There was something fitting about that

    Hopefully during the close season you can bring a sense of humour in ;)
  13. Post Match, Post SAF, Post Scholes

    Cheers Rob Lukaku is fecking terrifying, can you loan him out again please?
  14. Post Match, Post SAF, Post Scholes

    Some gorgeous balls from Scholesy, and some awful fouls I love that man