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  1. Who are the greatest villains football has ever seen? Candidates for this gen': Suárez and Ramos

    I would say Sergio Ramos has to go down as the worst. I mean, I don't know how this cnut can go home and look his own son in the eye. He's an absolute cheat and the day he retires will be the best day for football in a long time. feck him.
  2. Frenkie de Jong| Off to Barca - Confirmed

    Do you have an agenda/bias against de Ligt or something? You're having an absolute mare in this thread. PLEASE go into detail as to why you think Gomez is better than de Ligt. DO YOU watch football, pal? Edit : Comparing the Eredivisie to League One is fecking comical. Are you an actual troll?
  3. Weird feelings of football

    Seems like a lot of posts in this thread share the same content.
  4. No, pelanties are not lottery is not untrue

    Commentator here mentioned that every team that has taken a penalty first in this tournament, ended up losing. Maybe they knew that stat going into the shootout
  5. Croatia or England

    Are Croatia not strong in midfield? Weird comment
  6. Should Mourinho bring in a new 'attacking coach'

    Where in any of my posts have I called posters here stupid? Where I have criticized Mourinho? Are you even reading my posts? In my original response I literally said "By the way, this isn't a knock on Mourinho. I like him and think he's doing a decent job". YOU'RE the one blabbering and...
  7. Should Mourinho bring in a new 'attacking coach'

    Yes, I did say that. Because it applies to our situation. It's evident that our offensive play is the issue (heck, it has been even since SAF's latter years. RvP masked our offensive deficiencies in 2012/13) And I did mention an attacking coach, in my original post. Stop being so condescending.
  8. Should Mourinho bring in a new 'attacking coach'

    Easy there Captain Sarcasm. You missed my point entirely. Nowhere in my post did I talk about other teams and their coaching needs/deficits.
  9. Should Mourinho bring in a new 'attacking coach'

    I've been saying this for years. Ever since Queiroz left, our attacking play has been DIRE. We have ZERO off the ball movement or attacking cohesion. I think every player in our squad has forgotten what a one touch pass is, how to pass and position themselves in triangles, how to make off the...
  10. Lack of composure

    I think this is indicative of a fundamental lack of attacking coaching in our side. For example, City today played well, they passed and moved, had runners off the ball. When's the last time we had this type of offensive fluidity? It baffles me that a club of our stature fails at the...
  11. Wayne Rooney arrested for drink driving | Two-year driving ban

    Mate, what are you talking about? Nobody gets fecking arrested for drunk driving for drinking the night BEFORE (or 12 hours before) they operate a vehicle. Your attempt to defend this type of behavior is ridiculous.
  12. Legia Warsaw Ultras - absolute nutters!

    Too early to tell, the lad is only 20 years old, come on now. Calling him "utter garbage" at such a young age is a bit harsh, no?
  13. Legia Warsaw Ultras - absolute nutters!

    It's good to see the "white trash" going away and being replaced by some proper, sensible, and safe football fans! I love Grosicki! He truly is immense every time I watch him play for the national team. Obviously Lewandowski is the star of the team, but Grosicki is always such a danger man out...
  14. Legia Warsaw Ultras - absolute nutters!

    That's insane...some people shouldn't be allowed to be football fans. There's no room for that kind of hate in the game. It's funny you mention Kamil Grosicki, every time I watch him play for the national team he is immense. Pacey as hell and works hard on the wing. My stepdad calls him "dziki...
  15. Legia Warsaw Ultras - absolute nutters!

    That's a shame, trying to burn down a stadium is insane, how it could only lead to a few arrests is ridiculous. But as you, thankfully things are much better today. Also massive :lol: at that bolded part. Just curious, who do you support? I used to visit my grandparents in Lapy (right near...