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  1. Champions League Semi Finals (24th April - 2nd May)

    Anyone who is asking for those who wanted Liverpool to beat City to be banned are pathetic. I really hate the scousers and their gurning leader. But the comments here are incredibly immature. A few posters wanting a Liverpool win didn't acutally affect the QF result, City simply weren't good...
  2. Champions League Quarter Finals (3rd - 11th April)

    I hate city (and Pep) as much as the next guy but he has every right to be furious at the officials, they should be 2 up. I and the rest of the Caf would be rioting if we were chasing a game and ref made such a poor decision.
  3. Post match vs Sevilla

    Never looked interested in winning the game, got what the team wanted by the looks of it. Risky if you ask me, considering we have a massive game against our biggest rivals a few days before the 2nd leg. What's worst though is that it was so depressing to watch, particularly when City...
  4. Post match vs Tottenham Hotspur

    Agreed. My last post of the day so will try to make it a positive. I'm as disappointed/angry as anyone at the performance tonight and the faint feelings of optimism I had that we could catch City are now long gone. However, thanks to Chelsea's defeat we're not in any immediate danger of...
  5. Post match vs Tottenham Hotspur

    Can't argue with that based on their performances tonight. You could see that neither Jones nor Smalling wanted the ball. At one stage in the 2nd half I recall Matic charging back to take it off them as they were so reluctant to play a forward pass, unacceptable for defenders at this level.
  6. Post match vs Tottenham Hotspur

    There's no denying it was a dreadful performance and the ones who come out of this best are those that didn't get off the bench - Rojo and Shaw in particular! Martial was as bad as anyone out there but to say he was actively trying to be ineffective is unfair, the amount of times Young played...
  7. Premier League Gameweek 24 (20th - 22nd Jan 2018)

    Looks like VVD has been reading Klopp's book on defending. I think the chapter on defending set pieces was co-written by Mr R. Lukaku :lol:
  8. Alexis Sanchez United player

    Definitely seems to be him playing piano for real, there's behind the scenes clips on MUFC's Instagram 'story' What a night, adrenaline is still pumping from that announcement. Let's hope for a dippers loss to cap off a fantastic evening
  9. Alexis Sanchez | Done deal

    Thanks! Long time browser but thought it was about time I made an account given how much time I've put into reading this thread.
  10. Sunday Supplement (2018 and Beyond)

    About to sit down to watch Sunday Supplement and wondering what Sky 'sources' will come out with to inflate the cost of this transfer following news of the straight swap for Mikhi... Undisclosed fee for the transfer of his two dogs, believed to be in the region £80m and salaries believed to be...