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  1. What would be the perfect Transfer Window for our rebuild?

    Assuming that ETH has 120M plus player sales. A perfect window has to be where we can sell the players that needs to go and get the right set of players. I would sell the following players: Henderson: 35 Martial: 25 Bailey: 20 Jones: 5 Tuanzebe: 15 Williams: 15 Pereira: 10 AWB: 25 150m in...
  2. GOALS milestone | Rashford #10 scores the 10000th!

    Happy Birthday and looks like a wish that has come true. Cheers
  3. Fantasy Premier League 20/21

    I played last season after a long time. I've never picked a City or Liverpool player ever as I just can't bring myself to how their players do well. Naturally, I didn't have a good season. But considering the self imposed restrictions, I still finished 9 out of 12th in my office mini league...
  4. Is this next season's home kit for United?

    Thought that third kit was fake when it was going around on social media. Still hope it's fake. That's just terrible
  5. Attention Liverpool fans

    This is a fantastic decision. I support this fully. Ban them all! :D
  6. Lets laugh at Di Maria

    :lol::lol::lol::lol::lol::lol: That's so satisfying.. Seeing his rat face at the end.. :lol::lol::lol::lol::lol::lol:
  7. [Poll] Next permanent United manager

    Has to be OGS.. He's done more than many expected and he has the right attitude. Like the King said, he's the spiritual son of Sir Alex. I hope we announce it by end of season. If he gets top 4, the job is his..
  8. Sir Alex back at Old Trafford

    Amazing news.. Hope the team welcomes him back with a win.
  9. De Gea's future | Jose not confident but not worried about deal

    Juventus and PSG. One are Masters of Free transfers and the other can just throw obscene money if they think they want a player. I still think and hope he'll sign an extension. But those are the available options.
  10. Premier League goalscorers quiz

    Did it work? Edit: It worked. Thanks a lot. Appreciate the help.
  11. Premier League goalscorers quiz

    62 out of 75. I don't know how to that spoiler thing, so can't post the ones I missed. Edit:
  12. Champions League Draw | Juve - Utd - Valencia - Young Boys

    I got Madrid, United, Lyon and Inter. Hope that's not the real one..
  13. Champions League Draw | Juve - Utd - Valencia - Young Boys

    I don't think Atletico Madrid would be in Pot 1 like how we weren't after winning the EL. I think it was a typo where it should be Bayern.
  14. Champions League Draw | Juve - Utd - Valencia - Young Boys

    Where is Bayern Munich. Shouldn't they be in Pot 1?
  15. Mourinho or Pogba?

    He's not without faults, but unlike City we can't just throw half the team away and get a new one. It takes some time to get rid of certain players and get his squad. Fans are frustrated because they see our two biggest rivals playing some good football and they've both invested while we're...