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  1. Chris Smalling - linked with a move away

    He's our first choice CB loool. Jones will make way for Smalling when Baily is back, not the other way around.
  2. ABU

    Just Bone and Biggie Biggie, just Bone and Biggie Biggie, just Bone and Biggie Biggie, just Bone and Biggie Biggie. Lets ride, lets ride, get high, get high.
  3. How good was Robin van Persie?

    What a fooking team this would be! On another note, his goal against Villa is the best I've seen at OT. Didn't quite have the impact that Rooney's overhead kick did, but nonetheless it was so much more pleasing on the eye, from the pass to the finish.
  4. Giggs' final meeting as Manchester United's caretaker manager

    "fecking City or Liverpool are going to win the league." I quite liked it, to the point and professional. Like others have said, the morale boosting will come from his talk in the dressing room.
  5. Luckhurst: Luke Shaw's form on and off the pitch has changed Utd's plans over a possible left-back

    Shaw, with a consistent run, could be the best LB in the league, if not the world. His ability to drift infield and play with the attackers is already better than any other LB in the league. His awareness needs work though, but I'm attributing that to his lack of match sharpness.
  6. TV companies showing replays and getting players banned

    Agree with the OP. Was thinking during their half-time analysis that some for of punishment was going to be dished out because of their constant re-runs.
  7. Marcus Rashford | 2017/18 Performances

    Where's this belief come about from that he can't dribble and his link-up play is poor, from the last 3 games or something? :lol::lol: Jokers.
  8. Martial/Rashford - Can they make the next step?

    Rashford is a Welbeck clone, Jesus Christ, I've heard it all now.
  9. Jose Mourinho to PSG?

    Easy to say lets get an attacking manager in, but whose the realistic target? I can't think of any big managers who would be available and have the ability to manage a club as big as United.
  10. Chris Smalling | 2017/18 Performances

    It's hilarious to see people blaming Smalling for the first goal, just shows they've never played football at a decent level in their life. The first thing you're taught as a CB when going one on one with a player is to close down the space and make sure they don't get a shot off. Now...
  11. Post match vs Leicester City

    Re-watch the Sky footage. In the 91st minute Jones tells Herrera to go RB and brings Lindelof in moving Smalling into midfield. Herrera refuses.
  12. Post match vs Leicester City

    Wow this infuriated me. Lukaku who busted a gut all game made a run only for Rashford to jog onto the ball and turn around. I'd have been livid if I was Lukaku because he was in acres of space.
  13. Chris Smalling | 2017/18 Performances

    Jokers have been waiting on this for a while. Strange how we go to pot defensively as soon as his groin starts affecting him. Easily the best CB at the club.
  14. How good was Paul Scholes?

    The best player I've ever watched in a United shirt. Forget Rooney, forget Ronaldo, it was always Scholes who I loved watching. Easily the best English midfielder from the past 25 years.
  15. Jürgen Klopp Watch | Feb 18: "Our people will be ready. WELCOME TO ANFIELD!" | March 11: Liverpool 2-4 Atletico

    Indicative of his rather poor squad more than his management in my opinion. His forwards can put the team in front, but defensively they're very poor. A new keeper and backline would see them challenging for the top spots imo.