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  1. Anyone understand why we bought van de Beek?

    The real issue is why we aren’t lining up in a 4-3-3. With Matic as the 6 and Bruno and Pogba either side of him. This would create much more balance in the midfield and help us control games better. I don’t get this insistence on playing 4-2-3-1 when the squad we’ve got don’t fit.
  2. Academy Players You Are Excited About

    Ethan Galbraith is class. I expect him to surprise many and push for a first team place ahead of Garner and Levitt, who might go on loan.
  3. Post match vs Sevilla

    We need Ethan Laird to step up, and quick.
  4. Thiago Alcantara | Pool bound

    For the same quoted fee, or even less, we could sign a younger and hungrier Marc Roca from Espanyol. Just saying.
  5. Brandon Williams | 2019/20 Performances

    Kid needs to moved to RB. Him being right footed limits his play at LB. So many times he chooses to come infield instead of attacking the space out wide. Like the kid, but LB isn’t for him.
  6. Which defensive midfielder?

    We need a DM who isn’t just going to contribute defensively, but would help our build up from the back. A player who can pick out our more advanced CMS. Teun Koopmeiners, Marc Roca & Mikel Merino are the sort of players we should be looking at. They’d all be relatively cheaper to get than the...
  7. Thomas Partey | SIGNED for Arsenal

    Partey isn’t a DM. He’s an all round 8 who can defend a bit. Atl midfield has no specialist DM, the defensive responsibility is shared between the CMS who are all very well rounded. If we’re looking for a specialist DM, he’s not our guy, even thougg he can play there to quite a good level.
  8. Which defensive midfielder?

    Marc Roca all day!
  9. What do we still need? Aka The never ending story

    We need Sancho, obviously. Beyond that I’d say a left back would be great and a DLP who’s adept at keeping possession. The ideal players would be Grimaldo for LB and Marc Roca as DLP. With the exception of Sancho, these will be inexpensive.
  10. What do we still need? Aka The never ending story

    RW : Jadon Sancho / Richarlison Attacking CM: We really should trust Angel Gomes Playmaking DM: Marc Roca
  11. Anthony Martial | 2019/20 Performances

    Martial doesn’t have poor hold up play. It’s one of his biggest strengths.He’s just not in very good form atm. That’s all. No need to go over the top. Geez, United fans
  12. Bruno Fernandes | 2020 Performances

    Overall general play wasn’t great. Few overhit and under hit passes. Failed to keep the ball under control a number of times. Great delivery on set pieces though. But I was really disappointed with every other aspect of his play.
  13. Post match vs Wolverhampton Wanderers

    A manager who agreed to the purchase of a limited RB like AWB for a 50m and Maguire for 80m, doesn’t deserve any more time.
  14. Mason Greenwood | 2019/20 Performances

    Martial scored 17 as a teenager in his debut season here. Remember?