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  1. My love for Jose is returning

    Yep; want him proper motivated, don't care what the motivation is. He is at his best when he backs himself into a corner and creates an us vs. the world mentality
  2. Jose after the Juventus game

    Absolutely perfect! :lol:
  3. Fergie - "I only ever had 4 world class players"

    Not sure I agree with that one Boss
  4. Ivan Perisic

    The one that got away. Should have splurged those last few millions and bought ourselves some much needed width. One more sponsorship and we should be able to pull it off, aye Ed?
  5. Fred | Manchester United Player | For Reals

    Hardly miserable mate just thought it was corny and predictable
  6. Fred | Manchester United Player | For Reals

    Not sure what that means
  7. Fred | Manchester United Player | For Reals

    Wait, people enjoyed the mascot thing? :houllier:
  8. Man Utd Captain | 18/19 Onwards...

    He's been here only a few months, hasn't played anywhere near his potential, speaks little to no English, not outspoken on the pitch (likely for the last reason), many more deserving players, etc.
  9. Man Utd Captain | 18/19 Onwards...

    How did Sanchez' name even pop in your head?
  10. Cristiano Ronaldo - performances 2017/18

    He's still got Morocco and Iran in the group stage. This should be fun.
  11. Day 2: Portugal v Spain, Morocco v Iran and Egypt v Uruguay

    We get it Dave, you want to stay! :) Feel bad for him
  12. De Gea contract talk | Signs new deal

    When is this man going to get a proper song from the supporters?
  13. De Gea contract talk | Signs new deal

    Use their valuations against them. If they want him, make it close to 200m. If we're going to give Dave away, we'll need to be able to reshape our squad with the amount of money we get.
  14. Julen Lopetegui watch

    Ronnie's coming home He's coming home, he's coming ;) Kidding. It'll be odd seeing him in a PSG strip though