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  1. Premier League Matchday 8

    Looks like liver disease, hope not though
  2. Premier League Matchday 8

    Has anyone mentioned how yellow Kieron dyers eyes are? Is it just the camera?
  3. Ole: “maybe something has to give”

    If the fans want him gone they have to let everyone know, getting rid of a manager is easy but no guarantees we'll win if he goes.
  4. When will Ole be sacked?

    After the Liverpool game, not sure who we bring in though, Zidane won't want Ronaldo there, Conte plays a different type of football which would need a complete overall.
  5. What will be done eventually, must be done immediately

    I was all for giving him until the end of the season but I give up, we are playing rubbish football, time Is up,
  6. Predict three players Newcastle will sign

    Ndombele Martial Aarons
  7. Newcastle United now owned by the PIF | PL receives "legally binding assurances that the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia will not control NUFC" ;)

    Why are people surprised? Always going to happen, they'll plough Billions into Newcastle making the Premier league even more competitive. Not sure who buys Man Utd now having to go up against all that.
  8. Has it become obvious now that we can’t challenge for the league?

    I think we'll play better after the break tbh as Sancho is now getting his fitness up and Rashford will be back plus Maguire will be back, if its all over by Xmas I expect the manager to be let go.
  9. Ole Gunnar Solskjær | 2021/22 Discussion

    If people really want him out surely the only way to do that is at the game? I'm sure if Ole sees the fans have turned he won't want to stay.
  10. Manchester United vs Everton

    That was on Fred, he could of took him out twice and just had the yellow,
  11. Manchester United vs Everton

    I get the rotation, still wouldn't have Martial there thou.
  12. Donny van de Beek | 2021/22 Performances

    I honestly don't see what people see in him, he's slow, can't tackle and certainly doesn't chase back, he plays a few side ways passes, Would suit a team that passes all game and doesn't get challenged or pushed of the ball. No reasonable fan can say he suits this team, least when Matic comes...
  13. What’s the dilemma with Donny’s playing time & Ole?

    He's not settled in and he should leave in Jan, get rid and get someone useful
  14. Manchester United vs Villarreal

    Well I hope everyone who kept saying Dalot should be starting is watching how bad he actually is, he should be taken off immediately.
  15. WSL 21/22 | United v Chelsea | Sun 26 Sept 12:30

    Very bad result but Chelsea are the team to beat. Anyone know the attendance?