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  1. Our options are limited, who next?

    Because he can't really take them any further. How can he possibly compete for the league with the money other top clubs are spending? Getting no new signings must be frustrating and I am sure his ambitions are higher than being at Spurs. Plus I assume we would pay him more.
  2. Our options are limited, who next?

    Yeah pretty much just 2 realistic options available. Zidane or Pochettino, and we cant get Poch in before the season ends anyway. Would love to see Pochettino here to be fair, he has had a really good career given the limited budgets he has been working with. Players clearly love him and he...
  3. Pogba told the club he wants to leave

    I think PSG was was cleared of breaking the FPP rules? They can resume their business as usual. Pogba has been so inconsistent for us I think he could even be considered a flop? Given the price tag. Carragher made a good point about how the games against Wolves summed him up - scored a fantastic...
  4. Jesse Lingard | 2018/19 Performances

    What? Manchester United? The team that finished 2nd last season? With 81 points?
  5. You're in charge against West Ham, what do you do tactically?

    Park the bus. Let them have the ball and hope for a defensive mistake by West Ham or a Fellaini header in extra time to win it. The Mourinho way, we all know this is how we will play.
  6. Jesse Lingard | 2018/19 Performances

    Rubbish. He has shown he is good enough to play for a mid table team in the Premiership.
  7. Pogba told the club he wants to leave

    Daily Mail. "Pogba is 'understood' to have said.." What does that even mean?
  8. Mourinho tells Paul Pogba he'll never captain Manchester United again

    Seriously thinking I picked a wrong career. Should have went into football journalism. Just need make shit up and add 'sources have told' or ' x is understood to have said that'. They're taking the piss.
  9. A new direction

    What are you people on about. Be realistic - the club is never going to 'play the hungry kids'. Whoever the manager is we will still have Lukaku up front, average back 4 and the tallest midfield in the league. But yeah we need a change , Mourinho has had 2 full seasons now and we play such bad...
  10. Leroy Sane watch | Feb 2020: Returning to fitness with City's U23s

    Amazing how being critical of a black player makes one a racist now. For us all this stuff about him having a problem and Pep dropping him is good news though. He was amazing for them last season.
  11. Premier League Gameweek 4 fixtures (1st - 2nd September 2018)

    Emery has a massive rebuilding job at hand. Needs to replace a lot of players. Xhaka, Mustafi, Bellerin - all simply terrible defensively. I guess he can be happy with his forwards because there aren't really any better options on the market anyway. Would keep Ramsey too.
  12. Premier League Gameweek 4 fixtures (1st - 2nd September 2018)

    There are people like that?
  13. What do we still need? Aka The never ending story

    Our back 4 options are really bad. Whoever will be the manager next season has to sort it out as priority. I hope Dalot will show us that he can be a long term RB options, still not convinced by Shaw and i dont think Mourinho is either. A left back and a top class centre back to lead a...
  14. Graeme Souness: Pogba can't be trusted and should be used as impact sub

    How is this racist? You people and Twitter are imagining things. The old man is just mumbling, at no point is he trying to say Africa or call him the N word.