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  1. Is this the most boring United team for years??

    We're not boring, we're just appaling. I'm not quite ready to throw in the towel just yet, but I suspect we're only one (at most two) defeats from going out of the title race. And to be fair, it's what our performances deserve.
  2. Results comparison thread

    Chelsea away should be L(0-1) Good job though!
  3. Premier League 7/11

    City will be Shitty
  4. Manchester United v Bolton

    Talk about making it hard for ourselves.
  5. Relieved and disappointed.

    Yeah, but this was a HOME game. Bear in mind that our three titles on the trot were won on the strength of our impressive home record. There's very little margin for error, given that in terms of our results, home >> away.
  6. Chelsea Or Liverpool

    The internet (or just RAWK) would literally break from the strain of gnashing teeth. Please please let it happen.
  7. Sparky: we were robbed

    It wasn't as if the ref mandated the ball had to be in the City half. City could've attacked, they just couldn't get the ball off us. But that obviously doesn't fit Hughes' agenda.
  8. City defence

    Is right.
  9. The Adjusted League Table

    I think the most interesting example from last season must have been Chelsea. Even when they were sitting pretty at the top of the table having won six or seven straight away games at the start of the season, the 'adjusted' league table showed them to have -10 or something, because of their...
  10. This was pretty good

    And last last season. Completely pointless and very bitter post if we're being honest.
  11. RAWK Goes Into Meltdown (2009/10)

    All good points. No doubt will be lost on the majority of the Scouse faithful though.
  12. Is Fergie Happy With Our Central Midfield Options??

    Who do you think that player might be?
  13. United v Arsenal 29/08/09

    Yep. They even have a similar number of posts. Weird.