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  1. Game 6: Poland vs Northern Ireland

    This has been a terrible, terrible game.
  2. Post match vs Norwich City

    Team is fecking boring. Don't want to sit through another year of this garbage football, especially without CL. Know that I certainly will sit through it all though.
  3. Celtic Appoint Ronny Deila As New Manager

    That wasn't at all clear by the way you typed it. "Leigh Griffiths (37 goals this season)" would have been clear.
  4. What're the chances we'll score 5 goals in one game from open play this season?

    We might score 5 in the remaining fixtures, but not in 1 game.
  5. Celtic Appoint Ronny Deila As New Manager

    Born in 1990.
  6. Marcos Rojo | 2015/16 Performances

    I like him but he has been dreadful this season. Hopefully it is a blip, he isn't old and was good last season here. Seems like he's had some issues in general and he's been fecking piss bad as a left back.
  7. What do we still need? Post Summer 2015 edition.

    A right sided player and a number 9, and a younger midfielder such as renato sanches
  8. Kevin De Bruyne

    I know this season Vardy, Mahrez, Kante, Alli are probably the front runners for player of the year but I think in the grand scheme of things De Bruyne is the best player in the Premier League.
  9. Lionel Messi - Performances

    The front players looks completely drained. Its not an excuse really because its the end of the season and Ronaldo has been playing every game too. But it is obvious that they're knackered and their performances are dropping because of it.
  10. Noble carrying herrera off the pitch

    Thought it was funny and harmless. Its not as if he kicked and shoved him off the pitch.
  11. Rafa Benitez | China watch

    good point :lol:
  12. Rafa Benitez | China watch

    Fellaini earns over 100k.
  13. Timothy Fosu-Mensah | 2015/16 Performances

    well christ, the man pretty avidly studies youth football. Beyond that I don't know anything about him.
  14. Zlatan Ibrahimovic |United Player | See the thread in the United Forum

    We should pay him money to play for our club.
  15. Marcus Rashford 2015/16 Performances

    Are you one of the incredibly common guys who's from 1850?