RAWK goes into meltdown 22/23 - THE DARWIN AWARD


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Jun 11, 2011
It's been interesting watching Liverpool sign so many of their late 20's/early 30's players to new long term contracts this summer. Will be fun watching that team all go over the hill together.
I posted this in last years thread, it's looking like it's going to be a fun season in the RAWK thread.

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Jan 1, 2015
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Feels a bit like Kenny's last season when we hit the post about 35 times (and also had Charlie Adam in midfield, who would probably be faster than half our team now...)...
This made me laugh then I realised it's true and felt like crying
Need to see

Start against Wolves

Drop Salah, Firminho, Milner and Gomez…

We’ve gone stale
All the laughing at the Mancs opening results our downfall is worse, as we’ve come from a higher position…

2nd by 1 point

They fecked everything and finished 5th
Plus they’ve got Casemiro, Anthony to bed in and the high of beating a shite Liverpool and Arsenal…
2nd by one point is still second..
Why did we let go of Neco ? Did he want to leave ? Because we could really use him right now.
Not good enough, Forest is his level
not sure Trent gets a game at Forest to be fair.
We genuinely look like some upstart club who stumbled their way into CL football. The state of the squad is a shambles.

Love Milner but he should not be anywhere near the team in a playing capacity
I'm not really pissed off to be honest. We usually suck there but I hope this will serve as a wake-up call.
It's not a one off performance. This is the trend this season. We're not running. We aren't fighting. We aren't passing.
This is the norm. The wake up call was United game, but we are still sleepwalking.
said the other week we need to forget about the title and just concentrate on actually trying to get results. Same now applies to top 4. We're looking at a Hodgson season right now, or Klopp's last season at Dortmund. We're easy pickings for anyone with a decent gameplan.

It may turn when we get players back, Thiago the main gamechanger, but too many players are off the pace.
I disagree with you on most things but Carra saying anything above top four this year is a bonus
Scratching my head about VVD to be honest. My only theory is he would rather peak at the World Cup with his national side than perform for the club paying his wages
This is reminiscent of Rafa’s last season…..if we don’t beat Ajax on Tuesday….can see us dropping into Europa.
and in all fairness….at this rate it may be our best way of Champions League football for next season.
I’m genuinely worried.
I would play Thiago, Fab and Arthur On the weekend….need to keep the ball and stop these constant attacks on our defence.
Need to grind out results…..next 2 games our huge and we really have to win them both…..
Chelsea after too.
Just in time for their new manager bounce!
I know it was humid and the game was stretched and he's hardly kicked a ball since May but feck me, Artur walked about the pitch like a severely hungover Sunday league
Whoever Trent employs as his personal trainer during preseason needs binning. He’s put too much bulk on, he’s slow and looks knackered after 5 mins. He’s like a boxer who’s stepped up two weights
Absolutely. Can forgive mistakes but just can't forgive lack of effort.
Shameful as a scouser his attitude recently
Even Klopp is confused and that worries me. Unless he just doesn't want to say what the problem is in the public domain.
I have a feeling from watching Kloppo's BT Sport interview he's seriously pissed off with this lot now.
It’s the tipping point.

They either regroup and react or we will have a write off of a season.
Love the man and hope he manages us forever, but he should be taking his fair share of blame. The players are letting the manager down, but equally I feel the preparations for the season and the nonsensical new shape are letting down the players.
Shit, I wouldn't want to be in that dressing room tonight. He's mad as hell


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Jul 18, 2002
Viva Karius!
Salah is a good talking point. Losing Mane meant Salah could finally rest on his laurels and boy has he done that. Forget TAA, Hendo, Milner, VvD and even Nunez (for now). The real question is where the hell has our most expensively paid player gone? That's the real scandal here.


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Jan 20, 2014
Jude Bellingham if you want Liverpool, think about United instead :drool:
Jun 26, 2014
Behind the right goal post as "Whiteside shoots!"
Salah is a good talking point. Losing Mane meant Salah could finally rest on his laurels and boy has he done that. Forget TAA, Hendo, Milner, VvD and even Nunez (for now). The real question is where the hell has our most expensively paid player gone? That's the real scandal here.
He’s being played wide right .. presumably to be a creator for star finisher, Nunez

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Jan 1, 2015
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We were built off the Coutinho jackpot. In hindsight, it was probably the best business we will ever do. Since then we've spent like a team in the bottom half of the table. This squad is about to need a significant overhaul and we're likely to need much more than £150m to do it this time. There's no Coutinho either.
That Coutinho jackpot was the result of Klopp getting Coutinho to produce a level of Football that he had never produced before and has never got close to since he left. It is what Klopp has done throughout his career elevated players to incredible levels.
What the owners have done is cashed in on that jackpot and hoped Klopp could continue to produce miracles season in season out.
As you say our Net spend is an absolute joke.
We are in danger of killing the goose that laid the golden egg. Wasting the best years of Klopp and a generation of players.
We've been competing with sportswashers and doing a damn fine job of it too, but you can only stretch the elastic band so far before it breaks. We've had to go flat out season after season, and now it's really showing. The sportswashers can refresh at will, and with top quality. If a player doesn't workout, they can blow mega millions on a replacement.
On the plus side, we will have fewer lads at the World Cup than we might have.
Well at least we didn't lose the second half:)

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Jan 1, 2015
Split, Croatia

‘We need to re-invent ourselves’

That’s a mother of a statement.
At least he’s come out and said it though, everyone can see the tactics aren’t working with the personnel we currently have. Be interesting to see what changes we make over the next couple of games
A bit worrying this is emerging now and not during preseason.
So the best manager we've had since Paisley spent the last hours of the transfer window frantically trying to plug a gap by loaning in a player the Juventus needed off their wage bill.
Oh well, at least our spending is "sustainable". I look forward to watching Arsenal, Spurs and West Ham going into administration in the near future due to their kamikaze spending. That ought to be a laugh.
I think Jurgen may have had his Paisley Boxing Day 1981 moment. After losing to City 1-3 at Anfield , he finally dispensed with his old team and replaced the likes of Ray Kennedy with Whelan, David Johnson with Rush, Thompson with Lawro, Terry Mac with Skippy etc. we went on an unbeaten run and his second great team won 3 leagues in row.
Time for Trent in midfield perhaps alongside Thiago ( Fabinho looks shot), and Bobby as a number 10 in a 4-2-3-1. Start playing Nunez so he can learn to play with Mo and Diaz. Oh, and play a defender as right back to make us difficult to play against ( Gomez).
No harm done if Jurgen does re- invent us.
Painful to watch the same posters who have tied themselves in knots defending FSG’s lack of investment, now scratching there head as to whats going wrong. Mind boggling
This has nothing to do with FSG! With the players involved tonight, a team full of internationals, we should never be losing 4-1 to Napoli, this one is on Klopp and the staff, our structure and setup is too open and predictable, almost begging for Napoli to feck us over on the counter! fecking poor
Sportwashers are not really relevant. WE didn't help ourselves by only investing £4m. It reeks of arrogance.
I wonder if FSG considered that Bellingham doesn’t sign if we miss top four
Don't be silly. He's given his word.
The idea Bellingham is perfect btw (not that you're saying he is but that appears to be who we are waiting for) is absurd. He doesn't fix this. Several players are required.
This, of course, is all assuming that we’ll still be an attractive proposition for the likes of Bellingham.
I am not criticising you on this but I just hate this thing where we feel like we have to be worthy of a 19 year old kid playing in Germany.
But if he's in demand we have to be as attractive as the other clubs who want him.
No because we are a massive club thats been in 3 CL finals in what, 5 years? Also considering the fact that if we want him he will cost £100m then Id rather task our scouts in finding 3 players.
Id rather have 3 players that our recruitment team has found than Bellingham.
He gave us his word, you know?
We're six points from top and you're worry about missing top 4 at this stage of the season? Give your head a wobble.
We need to improve fast to make it.
We've played only SIX GAMES you fool.We're also only SIX POINTS behind the leaders..
The winner is:

That was the worst thing Michael Owen's ever watched, and he's seen his daughter get fingered on Love Island.


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Sep 1, 2006
June 2023 weekend deals in Istanbul suddenly going really cheap.


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Apr 24, 2002
"You cannot compete at the top level with an aging squad. That’s what did for Moyes Everton side, sticking with too many elderly players until the whole lot collapsed together. That’s what is happening now to this Liverpool side"
Can't think of anything more depressing than drawing parallels to Moyes' Everton side.


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Jun 5, 2010

Nobody is saying he can't defend he just doesn't look like he wants to defend at the minute which is inexcusable. One positive is on present form he will get a good rest in November because no way does he go to the world cup in this form.
I’m always one to jump to defend Trent. I don’t think he’s uninterested and I don’t think it’s lack of desire. He has played an insane amount of games and he needs a rest. But you simply cannot defend basically a player stop running back once a player has went round him.
His effort on the field at multiple points this season now have been shocking. It's a team game, nothing is every truly one players fault but at the same time how can you consistently let a player just walk around when the other team is in your box and trying to shoot and score? He seriously looks as if he could give two shits half the time about what is about to happen after being roasted by an attacker. How can that be good for team morale? It's like I said in the match thread it's as if there is a certain "I'm better" stench being given off by him and others were it's as if just doing the simple thing is beneath them.

I'd bench him, simple as. He's an amazing offensive player, one of the best passers in the league, but you can't have a player be that pathetic at defending (seemingly on purpose) and be ok with it.
He may miss out on the World Cup and get some rest.
Could that be playing on his mind? Knowing his form will see him miss out on the World Cup? Don’t even know if he’s that bothered about England deep down. I dunno looking for answers. Think he’s just shattered tbf.
Just rewatched the 3rd goal we conceded - for him to get done like that and not even chase. Disgraceful.
Then they start insulting each other:

You are the pathetic one.

You're just one single poster and yet you've somehow managed to infest RAWK with your crybaby posts. It's a strange one. You obviously like Liverpool FC otherwise you wouldn't be here, but you hate football. I've never come across that combo before.
if you had any sense of shame you'd quit posting on here for that last sentence alone. asshole.
you're totally full of shit.
Great retort.
if the shit fits, lad.
Go to bed soft lad we know it was a bad night.
He can't deal with the fact that some fans will be unhappy after the shitshow tonight which is understandable
we're all unhappy ffs, but that doesn't excuse posters crapping all over players they were thrilled with for the past god knows how long. is that OK behaviour as far as you're concerned?
I agree that there should be a limit. That said, there is nothing wrong with criticizing poor performance and Trent has been very poor this season going both ways. Personally, I can accept poor performances but his attitude for their 3rd was terrible. You can't stroll around at this level.

Everyone is just frustrated and some inappropriate things might be said in the heat of the moment because we hate seeing Liverpool do poorly but the forum will be calmer tomorrow.
Back to Trent:

There isn't a hope in hell he is going to the world Cup. Southgate never fancied him only buckled to pressure He may not even be in our team shortly never mind England's. He is playing lik me someone that doesn't want to be there. There maybe being right back? I dunno I can't think of a player in all my my life as a Liverpool fan out in so little effort
I'm Trent's biggest fan and think the shouts that he can't defend are ridiculous. However last night was a disgraceful performance.


Oct 31, 2005
It's going to be alright, Nike are buying Mbappe for Liverpool, remember?


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Jul 22, 2014
Is it possible to overstate how embarrassing the whole 'this means more' thing was?
Absolute cringe. Those teams that have this houlier than thou attitude amongst their fans are cringeworthy


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Jun 5, 2010
On Salah:

I know it’s boring but just a reminder that in 2022, Liverpool have now played 38 games in all competitions, Salah has started 80% of them and only scored in 8 of those matches.

Would be 6 games if you take pens away.
He won’t be getting 400k a week at the rate he’s/we’re playing. Isn’t his salary heavily laden with performance related targets, goals, trophies etc……
FFS Mo control the ball.
Someone dares to question:
should have kept Mane and got this guy out.
His performances will vane in tact with age and he with a big fat contract, he is gonna stink this place. I am sorry but I have seen it happen too many times in the past 20 years in footballing world.
One needs to know when someone is beyond peak and get rid while there is still selling value.
You should have made this your first post, really come in on a high note.
We should have an entrance test to post on here.
What do you feel should be done with a poster when, two posts in, their contributions have already started to vane and begun to stink the place out. I feel we should follow your advice, what do you think?
And the response:
yeah I suppose these quad of nice gentlemen are getting ready to apologize? thought so..

we used to know when players peaked (coutinho, suarez, torres, alonso etc).
Get to feck with posts like this.
Suarez? Alonso? You think we sold them at the correct time?
Seems we sold the wrong one eh.
Mane: 8 games - 5 goals for Bayern
Mane not exactly pulling up trees for Bayern.
Bayern fans already getting pissed off at Sadio.
Might be about time Salah started justifying his bumper new contract?


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Jun 5, 2010
The morning after the night before:

Why are all our players knackered but Real Madrid or City's players aren't? Both those teams played a large number of games last season too. Yes they have big squads but so do we.
Bad day at the office.

The lads will sort it. Jurgen will make sure.

Win the next three and go into the international break with some momentum.
Honestly, how shit are Bournemouth? Astonishing when you think about it
Lots of players look like they're carry the burden of some hefty new contract extensions.
It feels like our season hinges on how fit Thiago stays, which is a huge worry. Buying Nunez instead of a midfielder seems like a wild decision at the moment.

It’s been 7 bad days at the office. I would probably be fired I showed levels of incompetence like them.

Super fans pretend like everything is good while United are ahead of us.
We are projected to make a £75m profit in the next accounts.

Darwin was funded by Mane/Neco/Taki. We got to the final of the CL and earned £100m. The money was there. FSG decided it was better spent buying them a new stand in the form of the ARE.
No United are behind us they don't get to play in Europe until tomorrow, with the other also rans.
They tried to buy Tchouaimeni but failed, ironically he is exactly what we need - a mobile and physically dominant midfielder. The transfer committee or Klopp clearly saw the need and yet we had no second choice. Such a strange way to do business.
Well trying and failing and is still failing.

Either FSG is incompetent or they won’t support Klopp is up for debate.

And it this point we have to question coaching team as well. This is not good enough.
Just pisses me off how everyone slates gomez who was trying to cover the awol trent and trent gets a free scouse pass
That was one of the worst Liverpool performances I've witnessed under Klopp. Possibly the worst. Think the lack of investment in the squad down the years is really starting to show now.
Ignoring the fact he should have never started last night, can someone please explain to me what James Milner was trying to achieve by dangling his hand in the area like that for their penalty?
Our midfield was torn apart by two players who were surplus to requirements at Fulham and at Udinese.
Hangover from Paris and the exhaustion of the attempted quadruple? Possibly.
Honorable mention
Some posts on here read like I'm on Red Cafe. Not that I'm ever on it.
We'll walk into the top 4 though according to some posters. If that doesn't ring alarm bells then nothing will. We need to improve and improve fast as we have difficult games coming up.
The FSG were actually banking on the Super league to go through to compete against the likes of City and Chelsea financially.
Questioning Klopp
He has been in management for over 20 years and has had 3 jobs. As a manger that is pretty much the definition of overstaying your tenure.
Look at his stay in Dortmund go get the hint.
Does that imply Klopp is a one trick pony ? Many have been saying this issue for some time now. With Mane's press and the midfield personnel gone, problem seems to have escalated.


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Sep 19, 2012
''Some posts on here read like I'm on Red Cafe. Not that I'm ever on it.''

:lol: :lol: