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  1. FIFA13: Ultimate Team

    the striker card was brought out when messi broke that goal scoring record, it says 91 as thats how many goals he scored last year, its not his rating
  2. FIFA13: Ultimate Team

    96, with 99 passing and 97 dribbling, i was surprised, usually have terrible luck with packs, got about all the rare and jumbo packs a couple a days ago and didnt get anyone worth over 1k
  3. FIFA13: Ultimate Team

    got a 4-3-3 TOTY Iniesta, seems Buy in Now prices are anywhere between 1.7m to 4m, but there arent any 4-3-3 ones up for auction, What price does anyone reckon i should put it up for?
  4. Angelo Henriquez

    he was training with the first team today
  5. Angelo Henriquez

    he is a united player, this shows him included in the squad list as a u-21 player
  6. Tweets Only 2010/14 Archive

    he also posted this today "#Manchester United have also made enquiries for #Arjen Robben. Very early stages and the transfer fee might be too high for the owners." he was also pushing the Kaka stuff, so i would say no, he isnt reliable
  7. England vs Spain

    jones played centre back against stoke
  8. Mario Balotelli

    that isnt balotelli, as he is currently with the italian squad in florence
  9. Leeds United vs. Manchester United

    apparently this is the squad for tomorrow
  10. The David Beckham Appreciation Thread

    i doubt it, as LA Galaxy are playing on the 3rd and 6th of August and Scholes' testimonial is on the 5th
  11. Music Arctic Monkeys

    Got my tickets on wednesday, will be the 3rd time ive seen them live
  12. Gaming Football Manager 2011

    on my game united signed him for just under £3m he didnt get that many games went out on loan for the next 3 seasons to newcastle, fulham and german club, average rating between 6.8-6.9, then united sold him to lazio in 2014 for the same price they bought him for originally
  13. Gaming Football Manager 2011

    change their asking price to £0, and then set it to reject all offers, works for me
  14. Gaming Football Manager 2011

    My best result to date, my midtable League 1 Braintree beat a strong arsenal team with the likes of nasri, arsharvin etc.. in there