RAWK Goes Into Meltdown - Quadruple Watch 2022/23


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Jun 2, 2009
Big Days
Is Klopp offering any refunds?

Chairman Steve

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May 9, 2018
Their members are hastily preparing some long ass poetry and rallying cry as we speak and Paul Tomkins is already penning a new book.

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Jan 1, 2015
Split, Croatia
First 20min of the game set the standard, try not to let Madrid score. We never even looked like we could score 1 nevermind 3 or 4.
As long as I live i'll never understand taking Nunez off.
Trent was abysmal.
Went out with a wimper.
Unless he was injured, taking Nunez off was a joke. Akin to throwing in the towel for me that.

Death, taxes and losing to Real Madrid. It's inevitable.
The Games tiny hopes were gone as soon as he took Nunez off

Absolute baffling decision that
feck off Modric you show off
One of the all time greats to be honest
I know, in other circumstances a joy to watch
He’s so good I can’t even hate him
I missed it, why did Klopp get carded?
Furious with the ref
Outfought, outfoxed, outclassed.

New spine needed, genuinely feels like 5 new starters is a minimum.

The players just didn't seem arsed at all, just feck off. Feel for the traveling fans as they got ripped off.
Dreadful stuff with some baffling subs. Sadly that level of performance away from home is our norm so nothing new there.

Massive, massive work needs doing in the summer but I have zero confidence we'll do it.
Utterly pathetic 'performance', going out with a complete whimper, absolutely zero desire other than Harvey Elliot
Ponderous, pedestrian and out
We did okay today but 6-2 aggregate looks pathetic for a club like ours.
we got Milner playing 70 minutes while Real gets Tchouameni to play from the bench...

That says it all really.

we had the best team in the world and we have the best coach and still we fecked up not building on that success.

Can Klopp kick the shit out of Konate and Van Dijk? Thanks.
Eeek.. 14/15 vibes. Major re-structuring required... big job, but Klopp is up for it.
The most pathetic, cowardly performance I've seen from a Jurgen Klopp side. Turned up beaten. Absolutely fecking pathetic. Truly the end of an era, it's over, over to you our lord and saviour, John W Henry.
Yeah unless FSG pull their fecking finger out, we're done for. This team has experienced the highest of highs and it now starting to show its age. Without significant investment, we will go back to 2011 level. Klopp cannot keep working miracles.
Last season we played 63 games and lost 4.

This season is like a year long fecking comedown.
Hard to beat a half bothered Madrid team with no midfield. Feel sorry for Nunez and Gakpo they must be thinking what the feck have we done.
Madrid didn't need to get out of 3rd gear and we can't even reach 3rd gear anymore.
I know confidence is low, but FFS that was shite and there were some cowards out there
File me, our desire not to get battered stopped us from having a chance of doing the near impossible
City away up next Could be a big defeat that one

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Jan 1, 2015
Split, Croatia
Ali the only one who can hold his head high tonight. No drive to do anything, way too many sloppy passes. Bizarre substitutions.
Half arsed performance from not arsed players.

Pure class from madrid playing YAWN for the fans afterwards... Respect.
I really want to punch that stadium announcer
Yeah, pretty predictable that fielding a midfield two of a 37-year-old and a guy who's playing like he has long covid might give Modric and Kroos an easy time
Sick of those pricks.

We could have played all night and still wouldn’t have scored.

Gonna be a struggle now for the rest of the season, a top 4 race just doesn’t get me going
Felt like the end of an era that. Like a boxer way past their prime trying to have one last fight but the reactions are slow and the tank is empty.
Pretty unbelievable how we can go from dominating them less than 12 months ago, to looking like we were playing an fa cup game against a team 3 leagues above.
fecking shite! A season out of CL might be a good for the rebuild
A few new fecking players would be even better.
Only if we can skip out on those other cups. Whatever they are called these days
Erm no. Klopp needs the CL revenue to rebuild. FSG won't cough up the difference
not with the competition we face for the CL spots in the league... we might not get in for a longer time with Newcastle in the mix for that 4th spot if we miss out on it
Unsurprising but would rather go out hammered than lose by 1 goal or something.
Timid, toothless, tired. Get this season done and dusted already.
Hard to see how we can raise performances to sneak 4th.
If we don’t beat City, Chelsea could beat us and leapfrog us.
Toothless attempt. Mentally we are fecked. A massive rebuild is needed now and the repairing of confidence of others.

A big feck off to John W Henry who has let a wonderful Klopp team regress.
Worst European away performance since the Rodgers era
Rio offering genius again, Diaz wasn't brought in to be in the starting 11. "He's not in the starting 11 is he?" fecking injured all year.

How can I get paid loads of money for being a fully functional fecking idiot?
Owen arguing with Rio about the team is funny on BT. I know Owen left us on bad terms but atleast he kind of knows us better than Rio will ever will.
What are peoples feelings if PSG come with a 70m offer for Salah…he’s what 31/32?
We have Diaz, Nunez, Gakpo, Jota….
Could help fund a 200m midfield?
I'd rather see them come in with a 100m offer for Trent to be honest.
There never was much hope. Just a fool's hope
I think we turned up at the Black Gate, saw the other side come out and thought; Nah! feck this and feck Frodo
Keep the faith

At the end of this storm is a golden sky


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Jul 22, 2014
Last guy is ready for a golden shower.


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Jun 11, 2011
And to think just last year they were the best club side the world had ever seen.


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Jun 30, 2022
Klopp better be refunding 'believers' who bought tickets after last year's final. :lol:


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Nov 20, 2007
Swimming against a tide of idiots and spoofers
we got Milner playing 70 minutes while Real gets Tchouameni to play from the bench...

That says it all really.

"we had the best team in the world and we have the best coach and still we fecked up not building on that success".




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Dec 27, 2013
Liverpools season is officially over. :drool:

Oh well, least their fans can take comfort in the fact they’ve already won the ‘we beat Man Utd’ trophy. I’m sure they’re organising a parade as we speak.
Apparently there is a bus parade planned for the historic victory.


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Dec 27, 2013
Carragher is having the biggest meltdown. In the space of a couple of weeks he’s now said he could get in the team ahead of the greatest defender the world has ever seen. And Liverpool can’t ever compete for top 4 with Trent in the team. Just waiting for him to declare Klopp not good enough to manage Liverpool.


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Feb 14, 2013
Just seen their most effective looking CM of late is now out for the rest of the season. Hope he comes back ok and it's not too serious, but would absolutely love it if they now miss out on 4th. Would seriously scupper their summer plans.


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Dec 27, 2013
Just seen their most effective looking CM of late is now out for the rest of the season. Hope he comes back ok and it's not too serious, but would absolutely love it if they now miss out on 4th. Would seriously scupper their summer plans.
They are going to have to squeeze every ounce of juice from Henderson’s leg from now till the end of season. Amazing they only have 12 games of their season left. The one match a week will help them.


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Dec 8, 2020
Carragher was in full blown Liverpool mode on the show today....it was like Napoli didn't even play a match as it was all about liverpool not even Madrid who waxed their ass over two legs

one minute TAA is the best rb in the world and now he can't defend to save his life which even a blind man could see


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Jan 11, 2016
Istanbul hotels: refund not possible for Liverpool supporters.

I wonder how many idiots actually booked the hotel once Tiger said it.
I was thinking about this myself but I would hope that people aren't actually stupid enough to book things a year in advance for a cup competition they aren't sure they will progress in


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Jun 23, 2015
I'm awaiting the reaction to that Newcastle penalty. Can't wait for it to be described as soft and corrupt.


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Dec 9, 2021
I'm awaiting the reaction to that Newcastle penalty. Can't wait for it to be described as soft and corrupt.
Their next 3 games are with City, Chelsea, Arsenal. If they lose 2 of those 3, don't see them near 4th. Entertaining days ahead.

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Jan 1, 2015
Split, Croatia
Disappointed not to have gotten more traction out of the Klopp interview thing :(
What Klopp interview thing? Real Game? If so, this is what I found:

Klopp very philosophical after the game, great interview and was on fine form.
What did he say?
Nothing controversial was just admitting that they are the better side and deserved to go through, controlled the game. We needed a special performance but couldnt provide that.
Klopp said Nunez didn't look 100% and he couldn't really defend the left side, which is why he came off.
I’m not convinced Klopp 100% likes him.
Didn’t he get a knock in one of the league games recently? We weren’t going to overturn the score so chose to not take any chances with him perhaps.
Stop making him defend the left hand side then.

He's a #9, play him there. I'd understand it more if the people who have been playing through the middle were performing better than him.
That is it about interview, now since I am on RAWK, few more from Klopp thread
Klopp is my aero. He's a dude.
Next season is going to be great.
He's a bubbly guy
Klopp is a Galaxy mate. :cool:
But but but, we were told the Brexit midfield was our weak point?
Did we call Hendo, Fab and Wijnaldum the Brexit midfield?
No it was Hendo, Milner and Gini! Our super group stage bore snore three!
Ah yes it was the 2017-18 season.
Just wait till our midfield is Bellingham, Declan Rice and Mason Mount. Proper Brexit midfield.
Didn't take long for the bellends amongst us to turn on the manager. Absolutely shameful.
So people can never ever question the manager? He's above reproach? I'm certainly not turning on him and I back him 100% but quite clearly his decision making needs to be questioned. He's not God he's a human being and like all humans we make mistakes. He's made plenty this season.
Just listened to one on talksport. "Klopp is a disgrace" Embarrassing having 'supporters' like that.
Looks like we are now going to have to ask him to rise above ludicrous vitriol like that and stick with us. The truth is he could have whatever job he wants, and we just have to hope that he will rise above this shite and stay.
We've all had a rough few years with COVID etc but he has had a tough time as well. I just hope he loves the club enough to stay and ignore the shite.
If you listen to Talksport all you're going to get is that shite. It's modern day media, pick out the sensationalist bullshit and air it to get clicks and views
probably just a talksport employee trying to grab attention/bring in more callers

nobody with sense is questioning Klopp
Imagine Bill Shankly being in charge now. He managed Liverpool for 15 years and "only" won three titles.
In this day and age he'd have been out on his ear after five years if some fans had their way.
From Prediction: Top 4 thread (after then won us)
7 behind 3rd
Imagine only coming one place lower than we did last season!

4th place is definately on (always has been in my opinion) but who knows, if we go on a mad run, 3rd place is by no means out of the question too.
I would love to take their third place, I have to say. After this season it would be so funny
One game at a time. Bournemouth next.
Need to also pay Brighton some attention. If they win their games in hand, they are outright fourth. They are also probably the most reliable team going for it in that you generally know what you're going to get going into any given game.
Yup - they've been playing really really well... they've got the 4th best xg over the season on fbref fw iw.
The obvious suspicion is that they'll drop off with a smaller squad but they've got a lot of very winnable games left
Currently 7/1 with the bookies which feels much too high (538 model prefers them to Newcastle who are 2/1 for example)
Newcastle are totally out of it mate. They have no chance. They've been overperforming and have now run out of steam.
Spurs might have easier fixtures on paper but it's doesn't seem to be a happy camp there so them losing against awful teams wouldn't be a surprise. Yeah I agree. 65 points are about right. That'd probably be one of the lowest tallies in history for a team that finishes fourth.
I think if take 27 points(total 69) from remaining 39(13 games) left that should give us a top 4 finish
a piece on Brighton on MNF is highlighting their danger as a top 4 threat.

The job De Zerbi is doing is incredible.
He will be at a top club very soon
Brighton look a bit worrisome.
Expect United to implode. Spurs to bottle it as usual.
Brighton's top scorers at the moment are Gross, Mitoma and Mac Allister with 6, and March with 5 goals. I know they did well against us this season, but a team with that type of attack stands no chance in an April/May top 4 race ...
tend to agree but think they are more of a threat than Newcastle or Spurs
I don’t think Brighton need CL football as much as other clubs. Think they’d be happy just getting to Europe one way or another and if they make the FA Cup semis they may lose a bit of focus
Lost to Bournemouth
Surely that’s our top 4 chance gone now. We win today and momentum is building.
Take Europa and end this season already.
How is anything decided today? We're shit, Spurs are shit, Newcastle are shit. Anything can happen.
Going by your logic we should have won every game for the rest of the season after last weekend.
We're going for top 4, not the title. Results like this happen. Spurs just lost to Wolves last week. It will go down to the wire unfortunately.
Yep. Lucky for us, Chelsea are shite, and Newcastle and Spurs are inconsistent just like us.
0 points in our next 3 wouldn't be a shock. Spurs could and probably should win their next 5.
Yep, a plucky defeat v City, a no show v Chelsea then we'll probably game raise v Arsenal but who knows if it'll be enough.

It's all well and good loads saying "these things happen in a top 4 race" every time we drop points, sure true but we have less margin for error than the rest as we are constantly chasing. I'll take "these things happening" when we are 4 points above Tottenham or something, not when we are behind.
I think we'll put better performances in against City/Chelsea/Arsenal - It's just what we've done all season. Personally, I reckon we'll take 4 points from that, which surely, fecking surely won't be good enough come the end of the season. We've laughed in past years at shit teams looking to get the 4th spot, saying whoever gets it doesn't deserve it, and unfortunately this season we're one of those sides. Let's hope we do get it, but even not there's big work to be done this summer.

I still think Spurs could shit themselves, though.
Gap will be too large between us and Spurs by the time our fixtures are easier
Playing easier games doesn't seem to help us.
We won’t get it.

Away form been shit all season.
Strangely enough, we seem to play better against the Citys and Chelseas, compared to relegation-threatened teams. I don't think all is lost.
Kane is crucial for Spurs, and he's the reason why they'll get top4. Since Stevie G, we don't have such a big personality and a leader who will push us singlehanded when it's the toughest and when it's most needed, and who is consistent doing that season after season.
Did Kane push them to a win at Wolves last week?
Lolol, when has Kane ever dragged them anywhere except maybe from the conference league to Europa league one time?
If only top 4 was a trophy, then Harry Kane wouldve had a great career
Spurs have 1 leader. We have a team of them.
When Kane is fecked, they are fecked. When one of ours isn't performing, we have others that can cover them and drag them along.
Unfortunately this season all of ours are fecked at the same time.
Do you think this Arsenal team is a team of leaders?
If they win the league and then the European Cup and the League Cup and FA Cup in a span of a couple of years then yes they will have a team full of leaders.

You've posted your mast to a 'leader' who has led his team to nothing.
I don't think trophies are a criteria. For example The Invincibles never won the Champion League, but they were a team full of leaders. Gerrard never won the league, but Leicester on the other hand they have. Does that mean Leicester had someone who was a bigger leader than Gerrard?

Kane is a leader, we can't deny that. He couldn't lead them to trophies, but he lead them to top4 season after season.
Leicester were a flash in the pan, the others you mention had sustained success.
Kane has none. To say he's more of a leader than Henderson or Virgil or Mo or Sadio or Bobby etc. is fecking laughable
From the highs and massive optimism on Sunday night of finishing top 4 to the lows and great pessimism today in missing out on top 4

Gonna be a huge struggle after today
feck top 4 we are too shit! Whats the point qualifying for CL anyway? So we can get battered by Madrid again?

Wish this season would end now
The idea of the Europa league is one I’m excited about. There are very few moments that top that Europa league run we had with Klopp in the early days. It does get boring getting knocked out by a Madrid team every season.
I hope Newcastle don’t worm their way into the top 4. Be horrible to see them in it and not us.

Be quite embarrassing too because their team is completely average
Man City (A)
Chelsea (A)
Arsenal (H)
Leeds (A)
Nottingham Forest (H)
West Ham (A)
Spurs (H)
Brentford (H) d
Leicester (A)
Aston Villa (H)
Southampton (A)
*Fulham (H) Needs to be rescheduled
Everyone of those away games are fraught with danger.
Chelsea have won 3 on the bounce and if we don’t beat City, Chelsea can leapfrog us with a win….so they are suddenly in the the top 4 equation.
Nah, would just mean we are both out of it. They are shit and have loads of tough ones left.
Newcastle won yesterday

And just like that, we're back to a distant sixth.
Fine by me, I really don’t want Europa.
6th is Europa isn’t it?
United's territory, you mean?:D
Will be if United get in the top 5 as that’ll mean the League Cup winners slot moves to league position.
Which means to avoid all European football we need to finish 8th.
I wouldn’t mind a shot at the europa league, only trophy Klopp hasn’t won. Definitely wouldn’t want that daft conference league.
He hasn’t won that either to be fair.

Thursday night football either way
The top 4 will stay as it is. Man City might pip Arsenal to the title, tough to call right now. We will know more in 2-3 weeks.

I reckon we finish around 6th
I remember scoffing at BBC boffins who predicted us coming 3rd, it seemed unimaginable that the top two would ever be dethroned.

Anyway, glass half full... Thursday footy means fewer 12.30 Saturday feck offs, I mean kick offs. We average something like 0.4ppg in those bastards.

Edit: i checked, it's 0.6ppg, 0.4 is our goals per game (2 against Fulham, four 0's).
It’s pretty annoying how the teams above us just keep getting results. Even Newcastle. Late winners and everything
It's mad how badly this season has gone. Thought we'd win it at the start and now we're staring down the barrel of sixth.
as long as we stave off relegation

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Jan 1, 2015
Split, Croatia
I'm awaiting the reaction to that Newcastle penalty. Can't wait for it to be described as soft and corrupt.
they were vrey happy when NF scored as you can imagine, later on, not so much

How the feck was that given offside? Should be a Forest pen. Cheating bastards.
Complete fluke and Carragher is getting on like he's Messi. c*nt
Was Burn playing him on? Certainly needed a closer look rather than just calling it offside to avoid anything too controversial.

Awful teddy bear looking twat.
Newcastle are the most unlikeable team going.

Come on Forest (not that I like them)
2-1 Newcastle- looked an offside and a handball in the buildup?
F*ckin' Saudi C*nts!!
Disallowed after a massive wait
Saudis and Abu Dhabi getting some truly remarkable decisions this week. All above board, of course.

Edit: although at least this time VAR showed a fecking spine
Saudis not timewasting tonight?

Funny that?
What a clown, what the feck is he doing?
That's fecking unbelievably dumb
Braindead fecking idiot
I cant believe what I've just seen. What a fecking dickhead of a season
Football can f*ck off! :mad::mad:
feck this shite. I'm off to the alehouse.
He should be investigated for match fixing
Once the Saudi's get CL it'll be even harder for us to compete with them. Grim.
Just watch them spend 500m in the summer window while we scramble around with free transfer and loans like Arthur and Kabak to plug the gaps ffs
Football's just depressing. A play thing for dictators.
I cant believe how its just been allowed to happen people just shrug there shoulders
Carra called them "a top class side".

fecks sake.
The fact Newcastle are 5 points ahead of us and we’re all worrying about their results shows how far we have fallen really.

Newcastle have an average squad with the exception of a couple of players.

They’re not a great side, look at all those draws.

I miss Man City being the only team to worry about.
I'm only concerned what getting in the top 4 will do for their spending. It will turbo charge it.
Why? Do they need CL football to spend money?
There’s some players, not all I admit, who would want immediate CL football. If they wanted Bellingham for example, it would be a lot easier with a CL spot to entice him.
They won’t get Bellingham. There are several other sides he joins before them.
To make it easier to get away with? absolutely.
You mean like Man City?
I mean it will massively reduce what FFP constraints currently exist for them
Tbf to them, they are a much bigger club than ManCity.
Obviously missed a meeting here but why are arsenal playing and us City and utd are postponed?
FA cup weekend
Ah the 'Manchester hot balls draw' comp

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Jan 1, 2015
Split, Croatia
If Brentford had turned up last weekend Everton would be bottom, having played more games than a few sides, with Chelsea and Spurs as their next games
I realise I'm in the minority here (or even alone! ) - but I want the Ev to beat Chelsea
Conte just totally shitting on Spurs

Conte going down swinging here.
"They're used to it here. Don't play for something important. They don't want to play under pressure. They don't want to play under stress. Tottenham's story is this. 20 years there is the owner & they never won something. Why?"

"Until now I tried to hide the situation. We can fight for what in this period, with this attitude, this commitment? For what? 7th? 8th place?"
Robostriker on £800k a week running riot against a Championship team. Thank god little City are saving football again.
Agree with the sentiment, but I’ll be happy to see them prevent Utd. winning the cup.
Have they made the draw ?
You can't expect United to have to play a PL team in the semi.
United actually having to beat a big team to win a domestic trophy is a bit wild. Assuming Brighton don't beat City
Chelsea Chelsea CHELSEA! CHELSEA Chelsea Chelsea!
Chelsea will probably be ahead of us soon, we have some brutal games coming up. The season just needs to end asap
Plenty of empty seats at the Emptyhad again I see.
Announced as a sell out though I'd bet.
Such a Dyche goal that.
Love how people seem to be predicting we are now going to finish probably 8th at highest. Wonderful support, good job all round gang
Pyro on the pitch after making it 1-1
They've scaled back. They usually do a pitch invasion for an equaliser.
Does Gallagher think his move to Everton actually went through? Dreadful.
2-1 hahahahaha
I thought you couldn't run and stop at a pen anymore? Oh well, 2-1 Chelsea
Hate those stutter pens. Wish they would just ban them, a pen is a huge fecking advantage anyway without that too
The robot with another hattrick
Haaland's hunger for goals is unreal, reminds me of Cristiano Ronaldo, can see him scoring 10 in a game to be honest
If he ever did they'd all be tap ins from 6 yards obviously. Fair fecks to the bloke he's always in the right place and as consistent as you can be.
He did manage 9 in one for Norway u20s against Honduras. He hardly ever plays or finishes a 90 minutes against the teams he’d maybe get a chance at.
I don't fecking believe it. feck off Chelsea
fecking Kepa.
Everton have the opposite of a curse where they can never get relegated.
They'll never go down. They'll never do anything in the league either
Chelsea have no identity under Potter
There were people worried about this Chelsea side finishing above us further up the page. If they do, forget Champions League football, we'll be in the bottom half.
Wouldn't mind a draw here to be honest. Koulibaly though.. awful defending
How the feck is Potter still in a job?
Some weird PR around him as he’s English


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Feb 8, 2014
Agree with the stutter during the run up to the ball on a PK. Looks stupid & adds advantage to the kicker.

Remember the geese

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Dec 14, 2018
I like the..."United actually having to beat a big team to win a domestic trophy is a bit wild. Assuming Brighton don't beat City".

Almost as if they have forgotten who knocked their boys out.

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Jan 1, 2015
Split, Croatia
Manchester United making a habit of winning games". Really? Like their last two league games didn't happen
Another rash kick out by Anthony that nobody bothered with.
Remember the game at Anfield when De Gea fecked up and we scored a few years ago? The United players all got right in the refs face crying and screaming demanding a foul on De Gea. Of course VAR intervened and overturned the goal.

And the classic when Roy Keane and Jaap Stam literally chased Andy D’Urso round the pitch after they conceded the first penalty at Old Trafford in eight years.
Or Ferguson demanding anyone who gave a decision against them never set foot in Old Trafford again, let alone ref one of their games.

He handpicked Mike Riley to be in charge of the refs as well for their own benefit.
Anthony can have a go and chuck the ball at the linesman and it’s ok.
Fulham player having a right go at Kavanagh for not even producing a card for that.
Someone should have told him, he's got no chance of Cavanagh ever reffing their game remotely fairly.
And yet again. Lolol. Cavanagh looking right at that
Mitrovic was a dickhead but as has been pointed out there is no way on earth that if that was a Utd player and manager doing what they did they would have been sent off. The Fernandes incident with the linesman at Anfield proves that
It's the pushing an official whilst not a United player rule.
He did what United players, particularly Fernandes, do every time something goes against them. None of them are ever sent off; they are rarely booked.