RAWK Goes Into Meltdown - Quadruple Watch 2022/23


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Aug 21, 2014
The 7-0 last week taught the scum basic computer skills which enabled them to log into social media portals to talk shite.

Delighted to report that the 1-0 loss to Bournemouth has taught them how to log out :lol:


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Jan 25, 2015
Also, Cherry Coke Zero should be our banter drink of choice, in case anyone was wondering.


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Jan 6, 2021
Of course it was a false dawn. Many tried to insinuate that after last weeks disastrous display but it was obvious that it was nothing but a freak result.
Sounness was making out that that result should define both teams seasons. :lol:


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Oct 19, 2020
That was the most egregious. I know he was being sarcastic but that sort of comment really isn't on.
I don't know. He did say Trent can't defend for sh*t, but he also said he gives the best blowjobs. To me, that's textbook giving the sour with a bit of sweet. Good leadership imo.


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Oct 2, 2016
United fans coming out with this sort of stuff looked desperate last week, as there was no taking away from how horrendous that result was.

In light of yesterday, it looks kinda true doesn't it? They genuinely built last week up into a cup final-type game then gobbled bollocks when they should have been taking care of their own target for the season.

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Jan 1, 2015
Split, Croatia
Their PL match day thread

Manches7er Uni7ed V Southampton 14:00
You have one job, Brentford. One fricking job.
Hahaha every result going wrong so far, have to laugh
Couldn't be a shiter weekend football wise so far
Haha predictable how this was gonna go after our result, one of them weekends yet again
Shite. Meh. I think bar beating city at the etihad, it’s season over for us. And honestly, we could beat the next 3 big teams and still not get top 4. We’re that inconsistent and dare I say it, mentally midgets lately.

I’m not really counting the last week that Jurgen had the foresight to call a freak fluke result.
Brentford are battering Everton, but couldn’t hit a cow’s arse with a banjo.
Brentford have only won four more than they've lost. The amount of shit we've dropped points to this season
Can't even laugh at Everton today. This weekend can piss off.
God it's embarrassing to finish behind a bang average Spurs team who can't even stand their manager, what a feck up
How in the name of feck are the Bitters 15th?...
they're even worse than they were last season but that win alone has probably kept them up....Joke of a feckin league
It seems Chelsea have finally turned the corner.
They are still 10th despite spending £600m
Many pundits suggest City are suffering from accommodating Haaland.

I think the truth is they’re suffering a hangover after 4-5 seasons of relentless pressure battling with us in 90+ points seasons.
The difference is perhaps that their hangover isn’t as severe as ours.
It wont be as they always freshen their squad up each season like most teams have.
We have signed forwards but just completely left the engine room bare and we are now reaping the rewards for that
I think City will drop points here.
Dustin Henderson just slotted a pen.

I'm one of those bitter people that would prefer a meaningless City title honestly (plus I think it will bring further pressure on their upcoming case if a team that isn't Liverpool gets cheated out of a title). So can't say I'm too upset about this one. Agree on the rest
Twat of a Saturday.
Gabriel doing Virgil’s celebration is a bit weird.
Weirdo him. He’s shite as well. Being carried by saliba.
Weird goal, was almost like they wanted Arsenal to score that
Leno has let that go in.
As much as I want Arsenal to win the league, they don't deserve to just for that utterly shit Saliba song
haha I love it, Fulham aren't even trying and are not bothered about making it so obvious that they're laying down for Arsenal. I hope the other teams that face Arsenal are the same so that they win the league over the cheating pricks
Man United gonna be down to 10 men
What's happened?
Casemiro went over the top of ball and crunched the Southampton player.

Yellow card changed to red.
Cheers, just found a stream to see it, dirty prick.

Poor old Taylor looked upset having to give that
A lot has been made of the few good games he's had but Casemiro has been woeful in most of his appearances
Anthony Taylor looked fecking gutted to have to do that
2 straight reds and 5 yellows in his last 8
Second red of the season, so that will be a 4 match ban coming up for him won’t it? Is he off to Neymar’s sister’s birthday celebrations too?
Van Carthorse subbed for McTominay.
Fernandes really is the most punchable c*nt in the league.
Who's worse? There's no one near him
Fernandinho comes pretty close. Almost the same name really.
Nah he's a dirty bastard but the non stop diving, play acting and shithousery is a different level

There's no reasonable reason he doesn't get 2 yellow cards for dissent or simulation every time he plays. There are players at county levels and below that refs refuse to referee, I know one who's so bad he cropped up at a refs course I just completed. He's banned from football
He plays for Manchester United.
No idea what the refs view of that was, but baffling if he had a clear view and only thought it worthy of a yellow.
It is a red because it was so reckless but he caught the ball first and followed through into the shin. Maybe played a part (if I’m being generous).

Do they ever rotate? Looking at the clip it’s the same players who seem to play every week. Thought they were meant to be knackered.
feck sakes Walcott! Misses an easy 1v1 v De Gea
He’s such a poor footballer, no idea how he’s managed to blag his way through.
United hit the post.
Actually think it was a great save off the keeper.
Southampton hit the post. United are gonna win this 2-0
End to end stuff or is one of you wrong?!
Yeah, the game is end to end.
It’s end to end. Really entertaining game, Southampton arguably on top, but you just know United are going to score some shit deflected goal in the last minute.

If Southampton had a decent striker, they’d be winning this
Rashford should be booked, the diving twat.
Rashford trips himself. Looking for a pen.
Rashford doesn't dive. He's English
Rashford is the golden boy, can do no wrong
Miracle recovery for Garnacho there like Rashford does every week.
Yeah. Fekking embarrassing.
Domestos 'ead looked in pain.
Might have been acting though.
Mancs sending for the cavalry?

Slab 'ead warming up.
Slab head coming on to defend a 0-0 against Southampton at home
Slab 'ead on... Tyrion Lannister off.
Excellent win.

How are the quadrouples doing
That result has just annoyed me even more. We could have been 5 points behind this lot if we hadn't been so damn complacent yesterday.
Yeah, annoying as feck, but that's our season
They'll still drop points, we just need to get back on it. Knowing us, we'll twat Arsenal and then lose to Abu Dhabi and put them in pole position for the title
Well we're shite away and have a game raise in us at home so it could happen.

We're as likely to get something at City as we are to lose to the shite down the bottom.
Without Casimero the quads could drop a lot of points still.
I know it’s been a shite weekend, and this following sentence sums up how crap the season has been, but…could have actually been worse given Brentford, Fulham and Brighton (and United) dropped points too. Yay.
I was feeling blue about this weekend before I read this. Now I feel worse
Saudi Executioners XI: Pope; Trippier, Schar, Botman, Burn; Longstaff, Guimaraes, Willock; Murphy, Isak, Saint-Maximin.
I have a (bad) feeling that Wolves are gonna get battered too... and the Saudis will go above us.
This game features two players in Saint Maximin and Traore that may very well be Liverpool players next season …
Jeez! I hope not.
Traore and Saint-Maximin - two great dollops of anti-climax.
Should have been a pen to Wolves.
And Burn got away with a high boot in a sliding tackle a few seconds earlier
So basically Podence gets a yellow for getting the ball and clipping the player, Burn get nothing for nearly taking Neves' foot off?

Oh and Saint-Maximin is shite isn't he
No corruption in the PL, no way

That's not even close to being contentious, it's a fecking nailed on penalty. Darwins goal gets disallowed for feck knows what and they doesn't get given??
Bobby Madley makes a howler not seeing Burn’s tackle as reckless and then doesn’t give a pen at the other end. His linesman is useless, and VAR does FA.
Then Sky can have their cake (the sending off didn’t “ruin” the spectacle as against us) and can then debate how Pope should have been off, a 4game ban and a pen to wolves.
What a difference Webb has made.
That bald SYP c*nt was bad enough when he was Fergie's bitch, he's fecking ruining the game, more than Fergies other bitch managed.
This league isn’t worth watching anymore, the amount of corruption is taking away everything that’s brilliant about the league.

Genuinely sick of it.
Pen and Red card..if it was the Mancs attacking.
Saudi scores, shite weekend
Another example of them just needing to rid this ‘clear and obvious’ shite

It’s too subjective for a start, and then it doesn’t factor for if the ref can’t see or misses something. Just ref it again from the normal speed replays and if you disagree, ask it to be looked at.

That being said, that was clearly and obviously a pen
1-1 fully deserved
Trippier at fault again
If that was Trent...
2-1 Saudi, Almiron with a massive deflected strike
Ridiculous deflection after he slices the finish
Newcastle have done an actual deal with the devil
A pretty shit deal given they lost their cup final and won’t make top 4.
Jesus....what a c*nt of a weekend
arsenalfan said:
Everyone else scrambling for points and we’re just strolling past teams. This football thing is easy.
Make the most of it, you'll be back to being nowhere next season
We’ve been steam rolling teams for like 4 seasons in a row.

Their first good season in years and years.
Ah well least Mann United didn't win


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Feb 16, 2014
United fans coming out with this sort of stuff looked desperate last week, as there was no taking away from how horrendous that result was.

In light of yesterday, it looks kinda true doesn't it? They genuinely built last week up into a cup final-type game then gobbled bollocks when they should have been taking care of their own target for the season.
I did hear that Liverpool were "resurgent" on a podcast recently and did a double take. They killed us but that was it.


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Feb 9, 2013
Location, Location
Liverpools season is officially over. :drool:

Oh well, least their fans can take comfort in the fact they’ve already won the ‘we beat Man Utd’ trophy. I’m sure they’re organising a parade as we speak.